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Much of Australia is blessed with moderate temperatures all year round. We love to spend the summer months outdoors, with backyard barbecues and entertaining, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the cooler months outside as well.

When summer hits in Australia (and particularly in Brisbane), the first port of call for households and businesses alike is to turn on the air conditioning or fan. While they are very effective at cooling you and your house down, there are also more passive options that can help take some of the load. Air conditioning and fans are also only temporary protection from the heat, while roof ventilation options such as whirlybirds work all year round. 

No matter the season, we are always looking for ways to keep us more comfortable inside our homes, whether that's fans and air conditioning in summer, or fireplaces and space-heaters in winter. But one of the first places of protections from these elements is in the roof and walls of our homes. 

Over time, your roof can feel the effects of the changing weather conditions. Any small damage, if left unattended, can potentially become a bigger issue in the future.

It’s January and that means it's the middle of summer in Queensland. Think long days and plenty of sunshine, but also scorching temperatures and high humidity. Harsh sunlight and temperatures not only cause temperatures inside the home to rise dramatically, but they can also be damaging to roofing surfaces.

It’s a new year and you know what that means - out with the old and in with the new! For many, that just means cleaning out your wardrobe, but it may apply to some major but needed changes as well, like getting a roof replacement. 

So, you’re ready to buy your first home? If you are, congratulations are in order! A home is a great investment, and to get a good deal on your investment, you must know the basics of what to look out for when inspecting your new home. In this post, we share our guide to roofs for first home buyers.
As it’s coming to the end of 2018, we take a look into the potential future of roofing in Australia.

As Australia’s needs evolve, we’ve seen major changes in the roofing industry over the years. With changes in industry codes and standards implemented every year, new roofing products, materials and techniques continue to emerge.
Thinking of doing a roof audit before 2018 ends?

Remember your roof is the first line of defence against the elements. The right roofing material and installation can last for decades, but the longevity of your roof relies on regular inspections. In this post, we look at why you should do a regular roof audit (the end of the year is the perfect time!) and how you should go about it.
It’s that time of the year again – Christmas! In Queensland, the holiday season means amazing weather, more time spent with family and friends, and Christmas celebrations. Part of all the celebrations often means decorations, and many Aussies look forward to decorating inside and outside their homes.