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A Closer Look At Roof Coatings

Coating your roof is a great way to improve its durability and keep it looking sharp for years to come.

Roof coatings add an additional layer of protection to a finished roof. Roof coatings help protect your roof against damage from rain, hail, wind and sunlight. 

A roof coating is usually like a thin membrane that seals the materials used to make the roof, creating a barrier between the weather and the roof. Roof coatings can add years of life to any type of roof.   

Roof coatings improve the look of your roof and increase its value. With a coated roof, your house becomes more energy efficient and less expensive.

The cost of coating your roof is small compared to the cost of replacing your roof. 

So, what types of roof coating are available?

The type of coating you use depends on the roofing material and the slope of the roof. Flat and pitched roofs have different needs. The climate of where you live also plays a role in determining which type of coating is best. 

Each manufacturer and roofing company has their own formula, but there are four basic roof coatings. 


Acrylic coatings are best for sunny climates, where a reflective roof is desired. They can help keep the roof and the house cooler in summer. 


Silicone coatings are also useful for sunny areas, as it creates a reflective roof. Silicone is suited for areas that get frequent rain, as it helps the roof to dry.  


Polyurethane coatings help to strengthen the roof against storms and hail. They are also beneficial for reinforcing roofs that people are often walking on. 


Bitumen coatings are suitable for protecting roofs against cold and wet weather. This type of coating is best suited to cold climates, where sleet, snow, and ice are an issue. Bitumen coatings make the longest lasting roofs. 

When done well, roof coating is beneficial in protecting your home. However, a poor quality job or sloppy application can be costly. Make sure you hire a reliable roofing company. 

Does your roof need maintenance, repair or replacement?

At Roo Roofing, we know all there is to know about roofing and coatings. Our expert team can recommend the best roof coating solution to protect your Brisbane home from summer storms. 

Our company brings decades of industry experience and expertise. Whether you need a full roof replacement or just to fix a small leak, we take on every job with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism to satisfy our customers. We are fully qualified roofers servicing Brisbane and surrounds.

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