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The 3 Most Effective Roof Ventilation Types

As the weather heats up again, you’re going to be looking for ways to reduce the temperature of your home. One option is installing more effective ventilation. 

So, What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of reducing temperatures by replacing trapped hot air with cooler air from outside. 

Roof space temperatures can exceed 60ºC in summer. That’s HOT!

In cooler months, moisture from bathrooms and kitchens can build up in the roof space. With proper ventilation, you can remove heat in summer and moisture in winter, creating a healthier, more enjoyable space to live in. 

Roof ventilation benefits your home. It’s cost effective, because it reduces the need for air conditioning in summer and improves insulation in winter. Ventilation also improves air quality in your home, promotes airflow, and reduces the chance of mould.

Ventilation brings improved comfort to your home. 

Different types of roof vents are more effective than others, but each vent has the basic task of removing stale air from your space and replacing it with fresh air. 

Which Types Of Ventilation Are Most Effective?

  • Ridge Vent: A ridge vent sits at the peak of your roof and runs across the span of your roof. Vertical ventilation is more effective than horizontal because it takes advantage of gravity and the natural flow of hot and cool air.

  • Box Vent: Box vents are most effective for smaller spaces, where a ridge vent won’t fit. There is a range of sizes available to suit your space. Box vents are also useful for complicated roof designs that have lots of different sections.
  • Roof Turbine: Turbines, or whirlybirds, are powered by the wind. The rotating blades pull air up out of the house. Whirlybirds don’t require electricity or maintenance, so can be more efficient than powered options. However, on summer days when there is no breeze, they will be less effective. 

There are many more options out there for roof ventilation. How effective they really depend on your house design, location, and the climate where you live. 

Looking for roof ventilation for your home?

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