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It’s that time of the year again – Christmas! In Queensland, the holiday season means amazing weather, more time spent with family and friends, and Christmas celebrations. Part of all the celebrations often means decorations, and many Aussies look forward to decorating inside and outside their homes. 
Commercial buildings encounter a wide range of roofing issues over time. The problem often arises because of their size and structure, with roofs that are often flat. For this reason, commercial roofs are prone to problems like standing water.

In this post, we discuss some of the challenges that commercial roofing can encounter.
Making use of secondary raw materials for roofing is an ambitious goal to increase recycling, boost resource use and pave way for new markets on secondary raw materials. In this post, we explore opportunities in the recycling of roofing materials in Australia.
Technological advancements are visible in all aspects of human existence in today’s world. In the construction industry, roofing materials are also experiencing their fair share of technological improvements. In this post, we learn more about the latest advances in roof technology and discover how building owners and property developers benefit!

Did you know that Australia is considered to be the country most prone to bushfires? In this post, we discuss the best ways for roof fire prevention.

Halloween is right around the corner! Australian's haven't always been big adopters of the American holiday, but in recent years, it has become more and more popular, with people embracing trick-or-treating, carved pumpkins, spooky decorations, and Halloween themed parties. In this post, we share some ideas on how you can decorate your roof this to celebrate Halloween.

Brisbane is the capital of the "sunshine state"; with a friendly and relaxed vibe for stress-less living, but also offering an ever-growing city for those looking for exciting, cultural experiences. In this post, we talk about 3 suburbs that might be ideal to live in if you’re thinking of moving in or to Brisbane. We look at them in terms of proximity to shops, local transport, access to basic services, schools and general affordability.

For some homeowners, designing an outdoor entertainment area can be tricky, not only does it have to suit the kind of entertaining you want to do, but it also needs to be built to stand up against harsh outside weather.

If you're unsure how to approach your outdoor entertaining area, here's some of the best expert advise and ideas to design the front or backyard area of your dreams. 

A roof is a roof right? Well there are actually countless options when it comes to roofing materials, shapes, colours, finishes, etc. and that's just here in Australia. Roofs can vary depending on climate, culture, and country, and there are many differences between roofs built here and American roofs.

In this post, we look at the differences between Australian roofing and American roofing.

Springtime is here! The weather is already getting warm and balmy - a sure reprieve from the cold winds and temperatures invading our Queensland homes (as you know, they're not built for the cold!).

With spring upon us, out come our spring cleaning checklists! As the main focus of these cleaning routines is usually inside the house, it’s so easy to forget about the critical areas on the outside. A great example of this is your roof - it protects you from the elements so why not show it the attention it deserves this spring?