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How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take in Brisbane?

Roofs don’t last forever, and all types of roofs will need repair or replacement at some point.

If your roof is old and you’ve noticed deterioration in appearance or any leaking or water damage within your home, it might be time to consider replacing the roof. For more information about when it’s time for a roof replacement read our recent blog article Replacing Your Roof - Why, When, How.

Once you decide to proceed with your roof replacement, it pays to know how long it will take to complete… 

As with most things in life regarding time, the short answer is… it all depends on a few crucial factors. These Include:

  • Home size: the larger the home, the larger the roof area and the longer the roofing work will take.
  • Existing roof material: Different roofing materials (metal, tile) take different lengths of time to remove. 
  • Condition of supporting structure: It’s not always possible to predict the condition of the structure supporting an existing roof before roof removal starts, so delays can occur if it’s found that, for instance, a timber beam needs repair or replacing. 
  • Asbestos roof: removing asbestos roofing takes time, because the material must be carefully and safely removed, delaying the replacement process.
  • Weather: Mother nature does not stop for your scheduled roof replacement and you don’t want to be removing a roof during a Brisbane rain storm! 

Ok, so it all depends… but what’s the best case scenario?

If everything goes to plan, professional roofers can remove your roof, replace it with new roofing material, complete all associated work to secure the structure AND clean up afterwards all within a day!

That’s pretty impressive, but remember, it’s a best case scenario…

Generally, if no weather interruptions occur... a typical Brisbane roof replacement will take 2 - 3 days to complete.

Advantages of using a professional roofing company

There are big advantages to choosing professionals like Roo Roofing to do your roof replacement – we are a fully licensed family business with decades of experience in the Brisbane region. We are also licensed for Building, Carpenter, Joinery and Painting works which allows us to provide a higher standard of skills to complete your project.

For example Roo Roofing, where needed, will lift the old weatherboards for the return of flashing in the older homes allowing the best quality finish for the roof works.

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