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Did you start the New Year with a bang? The glittering fireworks that brightened up our skies have already faded but that doesn’t mean that the initial spark and excitement doesn’t continue as we get into 2018. A new haircut; a new exercise regime; why not a new roof?

The roof is arguably the most important component of your home, after all it keeps water out and provides shelter from all the elements - the bright summer sun included. So as you get into the new year, it just might be time to see if your roof needs any fixing or replacing.

As you gaze from your seat, sitting amongst the clouds (ok, well you’re pretty close) lookout to see the sparkling street lights below and feel the breeze flowing through your hair and you’ll surely be amazed at why you hadn’t thought of going to a rooftop bar before! In this post, we share some of our favourite Brisbane rooftop bars to help you plan some great celebrations this holiday season.

We’ve shared a few ways to keep your roof cool this summer and in this post, we focus on one of these ideas - ventilation. But does it really work? Let’s walk through a few ideas around ventilation.

Summer - hot beaches, outdoor barbecues and swimming comes to mind. But what can you do about keeping cool at home? In this post, we share a few ways you can keep your roof cool this summer.

Your house sparkles in the middle of the night, and drivers or walkers passing by can’t help but feel the spirit of Christmas! In our last post we shared some tips on ways to avoid damage to your roof this holiday season, and in this post, we go into further detail on hanging lights this holiday season.

It’s that time of year again and while most Aussies aren’t as into Christmas decorations as some of our American friends, there are a few of us who go all out to decorate the house (the roof to be specific) with a few streets that we all go to visit to see what is going on this year. Which leads us to this week’s post - 5 ways to avoid damage to your roof this holiday season.

Colorbond roofs are known to be thermally efficient roofing materials however any metal covered roof is only as effective as its insulation. In this post, we share 3 facts about roofing insulation for Colorbond roofs.

The Christmas countdown is on. In a few short weeks, houses and roofs all over Brisbane will be covered in Christmas lights, decoration, and tinsel. It’s an exciting time for lovers of the silly season, with many venturing out all over the city to track down the biggest and most extravagant light displays.

There are a few warning signs to look out for with your roof. It’s not always obvious when something is wrong, the issue may develop gradually or the real cause may actually be far away from where you see the problem.

Getting ready for Summer? It might only be October but the heat is on (literally) with many thinking about installing vents in their roofs and adding skylights to save electricity and light up their homes naturally during the day.

In this post, we want to help you when it comes to installing vents and skylights to an already finished home - with examples of how vents and skylights help transform homes.