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The Inuits of Canada were onto something when they first got into insulating their homes. Icy domes, also known as igloos, enabled the comfort and warmth of up to 16 degrees Celsius - doesn’t sound too warm but putting it perspective, outside temperatures got as cold as -45 degrees Celsius! Tracing back through history, we can see these homes as one of the first shelters that considered insulation. Constructed from whalebone and hides these homes paved the way for modern technology to catapult homes in both colder and warmer regions to provide optimal conditions to live in. Insulation keeps the heat outside during summer, and helps to trap valuable warmth indoors when it’s freezing outside, this lessens the need for any additional heating or cooling.

As roof specialists, specialising in roofs in our area, we know that the weather across the state can be varied and thus impact roofs. In this post, join us on a quick scenic journey as we take a closer look at some of the best of Brisbane’s Outer Suburbs.

In this post, we take a look at some modern roofs around the world that, as we talked about in an earlier blog, show roofs these days do more than just provide shelter over a building’s occupants, they also improve the energy efficiency of a building and serve as whole new area for a building. From roof replacement and roof restorationsto roof designs from the get go, these buildings are stellar examples of how much roofing has evolved. 

 One of the biggest trends in Australia today is renovating! Planning to do a home renovation? Get inspired in this post as we share 5 of Australia’s Best Renovation TV Shows.

In this post, we take a closer look at some of the roofs of the past and highlight some of the dramatic changes, not only in roofing options, but also in roof and structural designs and roof insulation types. In the past, roofing’s sole purpose of protecting structures. Today’s roofs, however, do much more than sheltering a building’s occupants.

Have you decided on getting your roof replaced or thinking to get your replaced? A roof replacement not only transforms your house or building structure’s appearance instantly, it’s the full solution that a restoration only fixes temporarily. In this post, we talk all about roof replacements - why you you’d need it, the kinds of roof replacement and what happens during a roof replacement.

As Brisbane’s Leading Roof Replacement & Roof Restoration Specialists, we’ve come across all kinds of roofs, some more than others, and it’s brought up a question from customers quite a few times, why does a roof have a certain shape and/or pitch? In this post, we take a closer look at the different shapes of roofs, what they’re called and in what instances they are most commonly used.

In previous blogs, we’ve shared some examples of great green roofs, but do you have to go fully green and build a rooftop garden to be considered a sustainable roof? At Roo Roofing, we’ve seen this as a concern for new homeowners looking for roof restoration Brisbane, so in this post, we take a closer look at sustainable roofs and roofing Brisbane. There are a multitude of definitions and parts that make up a sustainable roof, how can you help make your roof choices more ‘sustainable’?

Queensland is a wonderful place to live. Queenslanders enjoy a subtropical climate, with moderately warm and sometimes even hot weather for most of the year. But due to its size there can be quite a variation of the climate across the state.

It’s easy to think that a roof is always a roof, and that residential and commercial roofs are pretty much the same thing, just on a different scale. But the truth is there are quite a few differences between residential and commercial roofs. In this post, we share some the main differences between these two different types.