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When you’re on your roof or in your ceiling you are surrounded by hazards, even without realising.

Everyones house looks different, from suburb to suburb and city to city, styles and materials change. But the difference is even more apparent from country to country. 

Let's take a look at some traditional house designs from 8 different countries around the world:

Some things you can’t control, like a cyclone or heavy storm, but there are a few things within your control that could actually be causing your roof more harm than good.

There has been a tiny house movement in the last few years. Instead of upsizing, people all over the world have started downsizing, and for some that means their homes.

Corrugated iron is distinctly Australian. We associate it with "the Queenslander", the shearing shed, the woolshed, the outdoor dunny, and the water tank. It’s in our blood.

Australia is known for it’s Queenslanders and single-storey brick homes, but there are architects and builders all over the country that have taken their designs one step further than the average.

A lot of newer houses have the benefit of reverse cycle air conditioning or internal heating, but before that people used fireplaces to heat their homes.

It’s no secret that Brisbane and South East Queensland can get very hot in summer. If you don’t have air conditioning or ceiling fans, your home can get very hot and stuffy inside.