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Summer has already started and if it the reports anything to go by, this year will be a scorcher. With the temperatures rising, many of us are going to head indoors, preferably with some aircon going on. While a cool could certainly be attained by turning your roof into a green roof, there also other ways to have a "cool" roof. In this post, we share some of the factors on how to keep your roof cool.

With Christmas time soon upon us, you’ve probably considered putting up decorations or have at least seen some early outdoor displays in your local area.  Despite requiring some effort and time, Christmas displays are a fun way of embracing the festive season and can be a rewarding endeavour - particularly if your display stops passers-by in their tracks. To ensure your display is the best it can be, we’ve compiled some examples and useful things to consider before getting underway.

Previously, we talked about the different kinds of storms and shared a few tips on how you can prepare for them.  At Roo Roofing, we understand that while getting your home ready for the damage and loss of utilities associated with a storm is the first step to storm preparation, making sure that your family is able to stay healthy and calm during a damaging storm is an essential component of the preparation process. In this post, we wanted to share how to prepare your family for storm season and share some of the emergency contacts you need to know when a storm hits your area.

Summer is here and you know what that means? Yep, you guessed it, storm season is also back, are you ready? In this post, we talk about the different types of storms and share how you can prepare them.

Thinking of moving to a new home in Brisbane? As Brisbane’s Leading Roof Replacement & Roof Restoration Specialists, we’ve worked all over Brisbane and with a population of around 2.46 million we love how diverse our city is! Whether you’ve lived in another suburb in Brisbane or are moving from a completely different city - the choice to move somewhere in Brisbane is great and the decision can be hard to make. In this post, we share our mini real estate guide to suburbs in Brisbane.

So you’ve chosen to have a terracotta tile roof for your home - have you considered what this really means for your home? In this post, we take a closer look at Terracotta Roof tiles and cover all aspects from its history to kinds of tiles you can get and what it means for terracotta tile roof restoration.

Australia, a country quite like no other, boasting a topography that includes anything from desert plains and vast outback ranges to dense rainforests and coastal seasides. Having such a broad environment, the needs for roofing certainly varies. In this post, we want to share a quick guide to Australian Roof Types.

One of the most commonly asked questions - how do I choose a roof for my home? In this post we take a closer look at two of the most popular roofing choices in Australia - colorbond roofs vs concrete tiles.