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Roo Roofing Blog


Travel the world and you’ll see amazing scenes and sights, some of which are found at rooftop pools. A feat in both engineering and design, rooftop pools allow you to experience awe-inspiring views whilst enjoying a relaxing time in the water. In this post, we share 7 amazing rooftop pools around the world.

At Roo Roofing, we specialise in both roof restoration for terracotta tile, concrete tile and metal roofs, and also in roof replacement. We offer a variety of options including Zincalume, Galvanised and even Stainless Steel roof cladding products, but one of our best products of choice would be Colorbond roofing products. If you’re thinking of re-roofing your home, why would you consider Colorbond for your materials of choice? In this post, we share 7 benefits of Colorbond roofs.

Spring is here and as it gets warmer now that we’re in September it’s the perfect time for some spring cleaning! In this post, we share 3 tips to clean your gutters & downpipes.

Living in Queensland, you’ll find most locals love the outdoors, and why not? Our warm climate, the fresh and wide open spaces just calling for you to get outside and enjoy nature. Patios offer a great space for you to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home. Going a step further, having a roofed patio means you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the sun - a bit of sun is great but too much and you end up with a bad sunburn. There’s a wide variety of options for gazebo roofs, outdoor roofs and patio roofs, and in this post we share 5 things to consider when choosing a roof for your outdoor patio.

Decided to replace your old decramastic roof? As experts in roof replacement brisbane, we know that it can be an important move to replace your old metal roof, but what do you do with this old roof once it is taken off your home? In this post, we share some recycling/upcycling projects you could use to decorate your home and outdoor areas using old metal roofing materials.

In this post, we share how to identify asbestos in your home or workplace. A study conducted by Slater and Gordon Lawyers during Asbestos Awareness Week (2015) found that nearly half of all homeowners in Australia aren’t confident they could recognise asbestos is they came across. Furthermore, while a 62% have undertaken DIY renovations, only 46% knew what asbestos looked like. If someone asked you if had asbestos in your home here in Brisbane, would you be sure to tell them no?

According to Wiley (2011) ceiling height has a direct influence on our thoughts, emotions and our perception of the world around us.

As the saying goes, ‘home is where the heart is’, not only is it your shelter, it’s your sanctuary, it’s the keeper of all your valuable items, sentimental and otherwise. So when your home gets burgled, you can understand it can mean so much more than just losing a few pricey items. While statistically, burglary of a home is relatively low, it can still happen. As roof restoration and roof replacementspecialists, we've seen how burglars think that rooftop access may be the easier entry point. In this post, we look at how to prevent home burglaries from your roof and share also other tips to prevent a thief from breaking into your home.

Look at some of the newer home designs and you’ll find some beautiful parapets as part of their flat roof designs, but parapets aren’t exactly a new thing and are a recurring design throughout history. Not sure exactly what we’re talking about? Don’t worry in this post, we’ve got you covered with a brief intro to Parapet roofs.

Research shows that nearly half of all homeowners aren’t sure they’d be able to recognise asbestos if they came across it, but nearly 62% have undertaken DIY renovations, which leads to this week’s Roo Roofing blog question - can you DIY asbestos removal?