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In this post, we discuss 4 things every Brisbane homeowner needs to take into account when planning a roof restoration on an old or heritage roof.

In this post, we feature 5 innovative roofing trends in Australia to keep Brisbane residents updated on the hottest trends in roof and building services.

In this post, we discuss the 4 main materials used for metal roofs in Brisbane, to help those who need metal roof replacement or metal roof restorations choose the best option for them.

There comes a time when metal roofs have reached the end of their life and need a full replacement. Extensive rust, large holes and leaks, metal panels detaching from your roof structure - these are the signs that you need a metal roof replacement.

Once referred to by locals as Brisbane’s well-kept secret, Yeronga is situated along the Brisbane River, 7km south of Brisbane’s Central Business District. It’s a small community with only a little over 5,500 residents, but it’s been growing since 2018.

We look at why you should be worried about asbestos in your roof, and the best way of going about an asbestos roof replacement in Brisbane, and everywhere in Australia.

2019 is another year that’s filled with spectacular astronomical events.

Who doesn’t love to be in nature? Australian's are big on spending time outdoors and "getting amongst it" as the saying goes. There are plenty of ways you can bring the joy of being outside into your home. Not only is it a great way to bring life and ambience to your home, but it's also known for creating a more calming atmosphere. 

Much of Australia is blessed with moderate temperatures all year round. We love to spend the summer months outdoors, with backyard barbecues and entertaining, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the cooler months outside as well.

When summer hits in Australia (and particularly in Brisbane), the first port of call for households and businesses alike is to turn on the air conditioning or fan. While they are very effective at cooling you and your house down, there are also more passive options that can help take some of the load. Air conditioning and fans are also only temporary protection from the heat, while roof ventilation options such as whirlybirds work all year round.