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Roo Roofing Blog


A roof is not just for protecting your home from the elements. It’s also a statement of your style and a reflection of the history of the area where you live.

Have you ever found it difficult to understand what a roofing tradesperson is saying or what your quote is for?

Whether you’re installing a roof on your new home build or replacing an old roof, choosing the right material is essential.

Keeping your metal roof in top condition is important, not only for protecting your home against the elements but also to keep your home looking great. 

Have you been looking up at your roof lately and thinking ‘gosh, I really need to do something about that’?

Over the years, your roof will have to cope with all sorts of weather and inevitably it will sustain wear and tear. This can affect a roof's lifespan and ability to protect you from the elements.

To protect your home and contents and not to mention the people who live in it, it’s essential the roof is well built and properly maintained. But even so, over time many homeowners will need to consider a roof replacement.

A roof replacement can be a complicated process, one that needs to be carried out by professionals. Here we take you through one of our recent roof replacement projects from start to finish so you know what to expect.

Roof Insulation - it's a topic everyone probably knows a little bit about but few people are experts.

Metal roofing for your garage shed, or deck can be a great option as it’s easy and inexpensive to install, requires little maintenance and can withstand the weather. However, metal roofs can have some issues with water damage and condensation. 

If you’re thinking about using Colorbond for your new roof or to replace your roof, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll share all you need to know to choose the perfect Colorbond roof for your Brisbane home. 

If you are considering getting a new roof for your home, you should ensure you are armed with all the relevant information. While we could spend days talking about the positives of different roof types, it’s important to also consider the disadvantages of certain types of roofs.