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For us Brisbanites, the warm weather comes back around quickly in Spring. As we bid farewell to the chillier days and nights, outdoor entertaining comes back. Who doesn't love a good day (or night) spent outside with a BBQ and a few cold drinks? If this does sound like your idea of a great time, then there's always a few 'musts' worth remembering when it comes to outdoor entertainment.

Brisbane is populated with iconic buildings that have been constructed over the years and helped give the city its sense of character and history. These buildings, many of which are heritage, are important monuments to the evolution of Brisbane and showcase both the beautiful and and more troubling moments from its past.

No doubt most of us enjoy our moments of privacy, especially when we're in the comfort of our own home. Whether inside or outside, it can be annoying if you have neighbours who can be far too nosey. Even if your neighbours aren't nosey, knowing that they may have a vantage point from which they can look inside your home or outdoor living space can be off-putting. One way of making your home more private is through privacy plants.

Privacy plants refer to any type of plant that can grow with some notable height and thickness to help obscure the view of your property from the outside. The reason many consider plants is not just because they help create privacy, but they do so while also making your property feel more welcoming and natural.

You may not hear about slate roofs that often when compared to its contemporaries such as tiled and metal roofs, but this natural roofing material is a great choice for many homeowners.

In today's blog, we'll be discussing some the key benefits that come with investing in a slate roof, from its aesthetic appeal to how it can boost your home's value.

We often talk about the ways in which you can look after your roof, but today we're going to focus on utilising that ceiling space and turning it into a liveable attic room.

As noted by Domain, many homes (in Australia and abroad) have about 30% of their potential floor area residing in what is often considered ceiling space. But such space can repurposed and built into a liveable area known as an attic or attic room. This space is most commonly accessible/useable in homes that have pitched roofs - this accounts for the majority of Australian homes.

With Brisbane's Storm Season less than a month a way, we're continuing our focus on providing you with tips on what to do to both prepare for a storm and what you should do when a storm hits.

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, a severe storm can hit suddenly. This means that it's not uncommon to find yourself on the road when severe conditions occur. Knowing how to react is the most important step here, and this blog aims to provide you with the key points you need to know.

Believe it or not, we're less than a month away from the official return of Brisbane's Storm Season. While September doesn't have the highest likelihood of bringing with it massive storms, the stretch between Spring, Summer and the first month of Winter are when some of Brisbane's biggest and most dangerous storms have taken place.

There are several factors (chiefly natural) that can contribute to roof damage.

Identifying these causes is key in knowing when it may be worth checking your roof to see if it has sustained any damage - be it minor or major. In this blog, we've listed six common culprits worth accounting for.

At Roo Roofing, we believe there are numerous elements that go into giving your home its ideal look, feel and comfort.

Along with a good roof, comfortable outdoor living space, and an indoor space with real character, plants are also a big factor. When you compare a city apartment block surrounded by concrete to a house in the suburbs with a lush garden, people tend to find the latter example more inviting. That's what makes plants and the sense of nature they bring so important to the overall feel of your home. 

Architecture helps define the final product of any building - be it commercial or residential.

Sometimes, however, ambitious design can result in some unwanted side effects. These side effects can range from slight annoyances to actual mortal dangers. In today's blog, we're counting down three massive architectural oversights and the problems they led to.