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How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Brisbane?

Is it time to replace your roof? Roof replacement is a worthwhile investment that gives your home new life, improves its structural integrity, and increases its value.

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, then you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost in Brisbane.

There are many factors that influence the overall cost of roof replacement, from material and design choices to your roof’s shape and size. Generally, roof replacement projects can cost between $12,000 to $120,000 in Australia, depending on various factors.

In this article, we’re breaking down each of these factors to give you a better idea of how much your roof replacement project could cost.

Roof material

The roofing material that you choose will be the most significant factor in determining replacement costs. Concrete tiles are generally the least expensive roofing material, followed by steel and then Terracotta tiles. Of recent years Colorbond and Zincalume roofing has been very competitively priced with concrete tile and in some circumstances can be the most economical choice and also provide the most economical ongoing maintenance costs.

The below is an approximate supply and install cost excluding any structural modifications or repairs that may also be required to facilitate the work. There is also often a need to modify roofing battens or replace battens to accommodate the new roof installation.

There will also be added Work Health and Safety costs associated with every job and this can vary pricing dramatically. Elements such as safety rail fall arrest systems or scaffolding will also be required to comply with legislative requirements.

Buildings Approvals and Certification may also be required for most jobs particularly in Queesnland. Some jobs may also require an involvement of an engineer particularly in circumstances where a tile roof is being converted to a metal Colorbond or Zincalume roof.

There is also a need to provide foil faced insulation blankets (anti-condensation blanket) or sarking to roofs as well. This can vary in price depending on selections installed. But it is a crucial part of installing a new roof.

The requirement to remove any asbestos would also dramatically increase the costs.

Material and installation costs:
● Zincalume Corrugated or Trimdek – $80 to $160 per m2
● Colorbond Corrugated or Trimdek – $90 to $185 per m2
● Zincalume Concealed Clip – $130 to $190 per m2
● Colorbond Concealed Clip – $140 to $225 per m2
● Concrete Tile – $120 to $240 per m2
● Terracotta Tile – $150 to $330 per m2

Additional costs:
● Removal of asbestos - $40 to $80 per m2
● Safety rail - $30 to $60 per lineal metre
● Scaffolding - $44 to $80 per m2 plus a possible weekly hire
● Anti-Condensation Barrier or Foil Faced Roofing Blanket - $14 to $25 per m2
● Building approvals, Certification and Insurances per job - $2,750 to $5,000

Roof size and shape

The size and complexity of the roof is another important factor in determining replacement costs. The larger the roof, the more materials and labour required, and the more expensive it will be to replace. In general, the cost will have a baseline amount associated with both the complexity of design and how many square metres your roof is. There can also be a cost benefit per m2 with larger, less complicated, easy access jobs.

For example, the cheapest roof to replace is a skillion or gable to gable pitched roof because it is a fairly straightforward design with no valleys. More complex shapes such as hipped, flat with box gutters, dormer or mansard will be more expensive to replace.

Roof Pitch

The slope or angle of the roof can also play a role in the cost of your replacement. Roofs can be flat or sloped, high or low pitch. Generally, steep roofs or very flat roofs with box gutters require more labour which often increase the replacement costs. Flat roofs with box gutters often require more expensive materials than sloped roofs.

Structural Damage

The condition of your current roof can also influence the costs of replacement. If your roof has sustained significant damage due to severe weather, then this can make your replacement more expensive.

The main causes of roof damage are wind, water, age or debris. Strong wind and debris damage usually cause visible damage such as holes or dents in the roof. On the other hand, water damage may not be obvious until the roofer has inspected the structure and may lead to increased labour and material costs when replacing a roof.

Additionally, if the damage goes beyond the roof and also includes your roof frame, then that will need to be fixed before a new roof is installed. Even minor water, wind or debris damage should not be overlooked as it can lead to added costs in the future if not attended to early.


When replacing your roof, it can be a good opportunity to consider your home’s ventilation needs. Ventilating your roof helps to ensure a fresh supply of air enters your roof cavity, and to reduce the risks of moisture or mould building up.

Ventilation also helps to ensure your home’s internal temperature is comfortable for you, reducing your need for expensive air conditioning, and lowering your carbon footprint. If there is ducted air-conditioning the ventilation can dramatically reduce the heat around the air- conditioning ducts reducing the load on the system and therefore reducing power consumption.

Whether you want to install vents, whirlybirds, or solar ventilation, you can do this during your replacement project. Although this will add to the cost of your project, it can be worth it for the improved comfort in your home.

Summary: How much does a roof replacement cost?

For a small home (85m2), your roof replacement could cost as little as $12,000. However, depending on your roof size, roof design, labour cost, and roof materials, costs can increase.

For example, a Colorbond roof on a 150 square metre roof could cost between $21,000 and and $28,000, including roofing material and labour costs and subject to reasonable access and modest product selections being made. This price would include the required Building Approvals and Certifications. Any asbestos removal could add an extra $5,000 to $8,000 depending on numerous factors that come into play.

Some typical costs for other materials on a 150 square metre roof might be between:
● $27,000 and $32,000 for concrete tiles
● $33,000 and $45,000 for terracotta tiles

However, also bear in mind that you may encounter structural damage when you remove your old roof. This could lead to increasing costs, including repairs. Access, design and height of the roof can also dramatically affect the pricing. There may also be a need for new gutters which would also increase the pricing. General product selection can also increase cost.

Take the time to do your research to decide which material is best for your home. Talk to our expert team for a free quote on your roof replacement today!

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