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Caring for your Roof in Autumn

The weather is starting to cool down and that means autumn is here in Brisbane. If you’re putting together an autumn to-do list, make sure to include roof maintenance. 


Autumn is the best time for roof maintenance and repairs. This is because: 

  • The weather is cooler and less likely to storm
  • Your roof is at the right temperature for repairs (being too hot or too cold can make it brittle or cause it to crack)
  • It’s more comfortable for roofing contractors than working in summer
  • It prepares your roof for winter

Autumn is an in-demand time for roofing contractors for these exact reasons. So if you need to hire our services, make sure to get in quick. 


Wondering how to care for your roof this autumn? In this blog, we’re sharing our quick tips on how to maintain your roof in autumn and protect your home all year round. 


Clean your gutters

Cleaning your gutters is important during autumn because there will be increased leaves falling in them. If your gutters are already full, then they won’t be able to cope. So, it’s important to flush them out and remove any blockages. This will help to ensure that your roof can drain properly in the coming months. 


Trim your trees

Next, it’s a good idea to trim any trees that are overhanging your roof. This helps to reduce the amount of sticks and leaves falling in your gutters and to avoid the risk of branches falling on your roof. In Brisbane, we often get strong winds during winter, so being prepared is important. 


Inspect your roof

During the process of cleaning, make sure to also conduct an inspection of your roof. Ask yourself:  

  • Are there any leaks?
  • Are all screws and brackets tight?
  • Are all sections even?
  • Is there any excessive wear and tear?
  • Are the gutters starting to pull away from the house?
  • Are the gutters beginning to sag?

Make necessary repairs

If you spot any damage, make sure to address it immediately. If there are cracks or holes, patch them up if they’re not too severe. If it needs more serious repairs, contact a reliable roofing company.  


Does your roof need some TLC?

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