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Do you live in a bushfire prone area? Even if you don’t, as long as you live near any type of bushland area, fires can still occur. In this post we share some roof-specific tips to prevent a bushfire from becoming hazardous to your family and your property.

Sometimes you find yourself in the position of replacing your roof, or at least replacing some parts of it. But what do you do with the old materials? Do you throw them out? Could you use them again? In this post, we share some ideas of what you can do to bring back to life and repurpose old roof materials you no longer need above your head.

When you think of roofs, your mind probably doesn't immediately gravitate towards glass roofs. After all, why would you want one of the most important parts of your home's exterior to be made of a material that is often considered weaker than the more popular options such as tiles and metal roofs. Then again, the majority of commercial sky scrapers have large portions comprising glass. With the right type of glass (thickness, glazing, etc.), you can have a roof that also lets the outside in without compromising structural integrity.

With 2016 here, we believe it's an appropriate time to look to the year ahead and how all of us can take steps to make our homes even better. From keeping your roof in good condition to accounting for every potential pitfall that can come with a DIY project, here are our essential tips for a little home improvement (not the show).

2016 is almost here and many of us will be up and ringing in the New Year, whether it's at home, out in the city to see the fireworks or maybe even atop a rooftop bar. As we've noted in the past, Brisbane has some truly brilliant rooftop venues sprinkled through the city and Fortitude Valley, so it's no suprise all of these will be embracing the change of year to hold some memorable celebrations.

Between the 1940s and 1980s, asbestos was widely used as a building material. These days, we are fortunately aware of the numerous health issues asbestos poses and have stopped using it. However, while it may no longer be in use, older homes and buildings can still have asbestos materials contained in them.

Summer in Brisbane is a nice time of the year, but it's also when severe storms are most likely to occur. In today's blog, we're offering simple tips on precautions and safety measures you should take when a storm is on its way. If there are any others you believe deserve a mention, be sure to tell us about them in the comments below.

Your roof is exposed to an entire wealth of good and bad natural elements.

In Brisbane, it can be hit by hours of intense sunlight, smashed by hail and other debris, and soaked by heavy rainfall. If you live in an area where it snows, it can be covered in ice and water for hours at a time. As time progresses, these conditions can cause grime and algae to form, no matter how impervious your roof is. Because of these superficial and more malignant forms of damage, occasionally cleaning your roof can be a good idea. The best way of doing this? With a pressure washer.

Christmas isn't far off, so what better way to celebrate than to highlight some of the stellar Christmas light displays you can witness around the world? Whether these displays are on homes, in cities or throughout an entire neighbourhood, they're sure to light up your life and get you into the Christmas spirit.

With summer officially upon us, many will be spending more time outdoors - be it out and about or our own outdoor entertaining areas at home. When it comes to your deck or patio, there are little things you can do to keep cool when the days are particularly hot and ensure you enjoy some outdoor comfort.