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5 Subtle Signs Your Metal Roof Desperately Needs Attention

Keeping your metal roof in top condition is important, not only for protecting your home against the elements but also to keep your home looking great. 

Metal roofing is known for durability and reliability. With the right maintenance and environment, it can last up to decades. However, in harsh weather conditions like Brisbane’s summer storms, metal roofs show signs of wear and tear. 

Over time, metal roofs can become damaged and weakened. Even the best quality metal roofs don’t last forever. As a homeowner, knowing the signs to replace your roof is important to protect your home from further issues. 

If your roof is looking tired and rusty, it may be time to get it repaired or replaced. Here are 5 subtle signs that your metal roof desperately needs attention:


If you notice water drips or unexpected moisture in your house, then it’s time to inspect your roof. It doesn’t have to be a gaping hole, even a small leak can do damage to your insulation and furniture if left unattended. 

Look for damp spots, mould or mildew in your ceiling for a clue. 


Metal roofs can rust and corrode over time, due to exposure to the elements. In Brisbane, your roof has to withstand torrential rain, storms, wind, hail and harsh sunshine. 

If you live in a coastal area, your roof also has a higher chance of rusting due to the salty air. Corrosion is not just an issue for aesthetic reasons, it can be a sign of structural damage. 

Flaking Paint

Flaking paint is not just an aesthetic issue. It leaves your roof metal unprotected against rust. Paint can flake off due to fluctuating temperatures, debris from wind and storms, and if it’s too wet. 

If you notice that your roof’s paint is looking shabby, then it may be a sign of further damage. 

Loose Panels:

Metal roof panels can become loose as a result of damage from storms. Loose panels can be a sign of further damage to your roof. They can cause your roof to leak, leading to electrical issues and mold. The best way to fix this is to have an experienced roofer inspect your roof. 


Metal roofing doesn’t usually sag, because of its durability. However, when this does happen, it’s definitely a sign of damage. 

A sagging roof indicates that there is structural damage to your roof and its supports. This could be caused by extensive corrosion, water damage, or rot. In this case, get a professional roofer to inspect your roof and find a solution. 

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