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Southeast Queensland at the top for Storm Claims

Over the past few years, Southeast Queensland homeowners have had the highest percentage of home insurance claims for storm damage (NRMA, 2017). In this post, we look at these claims further and investigate what you can do to protect your roof and home during storms.

NRMA Insurance data revealed residents in Southeast Brisbane suburbs like Capalaba and Cleveland had the highest percentage of home insurance claims due to storm damage. It also found that Proserpine, in the Whitsunday Region, was the worst affected regional town.

Five most storm-affected regions in Queensland:

  1. South-east Brisbane region (eg Capalaba, Cleveland, Belmont) - 24% of all storm claims
  2. North Brisbane region (eg Chermside, Deagon, Boondall) - 17% of all storm claims
  3. Gold Coast region - 14% of all storm claims
  4. Western Brisbane region (eg Chapel Hill, Fig Tree Pocket, Kenmore) - 14% of all storm claims
  5. Sunshine Coast - 10% of all storm claims

Source: NRMA Insurance, 2017

Figures from NRMA Insurance indicate home insurance claims skyrocket during major weather events, with storm damage from Cyclone Debbie creating 76 per cent of claims in March last year.

Damage bills are rolling in from the recent storms, with RACQ receiving more than 260 claims from the Gold Coast to the Whitsundays for damage sustained in the last 10 days.

"We've had claims from leaky roofs and a few claims from flooding...its high winds that are causing the most damage, we’ve seen roof tiles being lifted off and debris knocking over things like fences and outdoor equipment." said RACQ spokesperson, Kirsty Clinton.

Data (NRMA, 2017) shows that 30% of all homeowners in Queensland had not taken any steps to prepare for the coming storm season and that 18% do not recognise storms as posing the biggest risk to their property.

"Severe weather can strike at any time and preparation is key to limiting damage...Heavy storms have also resulted in flash flooding and damage to properties has been common in many parts of Queensland." said another spokesperson of NRMA, 2017.

Main points to take-away to protect your roof and home:

  • Always have an emergency kit ready - don’t leave it to the last minute
  • Check roofs regularly for leaks
  • Remove anything that could cause damage to your roof
  • Make sure roof materials are secure 

Read our Storms ebook for more info and tips.

Being Prepared for Brisbane's Storm Season