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Caring for your Roof in Winter

Now that the weather’s cooling down, you might be wondering how to keep your home warm and cosy during winter. 


One way to protect your home from winter’s chill is to take care of your roof. Your roof is what stands between you and the elements, so it’s worth taking the time to maintain it. 


Although we don’t get sleet and snow in Brisbane, we do get strong winds during winter which can damage your roof. Keeping your roof maintained can go a long way to making your home more comfortable during winter. 


Here’s some ways to care for your roof during a Brisbane winter:

Clean your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is important for preparing your home for winter. Leaves, debris and objects like tennis balls can cause your gutters to get blocked and this means that your gutters can’t drain properly during heavy rain so are likely to burst. 

Blocked gutters can also lead to leaks in your roof and ceiling. 

Prune your trees

If you have any large trees near your house, it’s a good idea to prune them back during winter. This will help to stop leaves from filling up your gutters and to prevent branches from falling onto your roof during strong winds. 

Replace broken tiles

During winter, you should take the time to inspect your roof and look for broken tiles. Any cracked or broken tiles need to be replaced as soon as possible. If left unfixed, they can cause water to leak in and damage your roof. Broken tiles can also let cold air enter your home. 

Repair wind damage

Brisbane roofs can face strong winds during winter. It’s important that you look for any wind damage on your roof like missing tiles, broken shingles and holes. 

Wind damage should be repaired quickly, or it can cause your roof to leak. Unwanted moisture in your roof can also lead to mould and mildew building up. 


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