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5 ways to pass the time when a storm hits

If it looks like you’re going to be locked inside for a while when a severe storm hits, then you’ll certainly want to have a few things on hand to pass the time until the storm passes. With the most severe of storms, a typical time killer such as watching TV may be off the table. Instead, you should think of some activities that don’t require electricity - we’re keeping these suggestions family friendly.


1. Play board games

There’s nothing quite like a few classic board games to assist in helping move time along. Whether you’re playing Scrabble, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, or Guess Who? (or any others that your family has a love for), it’s a fantastic way to keep your mind occupied while access to the outdoors and the usual amenities are currently off-limits.

For those board games that can take a few hours to complete, you may find that the storm has come and gone by the time you finish just one game.

2. Hide and seek

If you don’t have board games, you can always turn to Hide and Seek. You know the rules: someone closes their eyes and counts down while everyone else hides. By having all hiding spaces restricted to inside the home, it adds an extra challenge for both the hiders and the seeker. When done at night, you can use the lack of power (if there’s a blackout) as an extra means of staying expertly hidden away - just make sure to give the seeker a torch. Oh, and make sure you don't trip over while finding your own hiding spot.

3. Tell a story

Got any good stories? Then why not tell it to the family? If it's night time, you could even opt for a spooky ghost story. Just be mindful to not opt for anything too scary if you've got little ones around. While telling a ghost story by candlelight might bring with some great ambience, you do actually want your kids to be able to go to sleep that night.

4. Charades

Charades is another family-friendly game that’s easy to play. You simply divide into two teams, and one team writes a secret word or phrase that a member of the other team has to act out to his/her fellow members within a set time limit without saying the actual word or phrase.

5. Read a book

This is, without a doubt, one great way of passing time as a storm brews outside. Now's your chance to catch up on anything you’ve been meaning to read but have kept putting off for whatever arbitrary reasons. So dust off that novel you swore you’d start reading a year ago and make good on your plan. If it's night time, read the book by candlelight.