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The Why, How & When of Replacing Decramastic Roofs

Previously we talked about problems with Decramastic roofs, and in this post, we want to remind our readers about the importance of replacing these type of roofs. Got questions? Why? How? When? We've got you covered.

Decramastic Roof Replacement

Decramastic and Pressed Metal tile roofs were big in the 80s before we really knew about the problems with them and, in particular, with asbestos. (Quick re-cap - asbestos is a material made of several harmful fibrous minerals and exposure can cause cancers and diseases, such as mesothelioma). 

At the introduction of Decramastic roofs, they were viewed as a viable option - being affordable but still able to stand the test of time. However, years later many realised that wasn’t the case. New roofing trends quickly took over and Decramastic roofs soon became obsolete and rarely used. Homes and commercial buildings that still have their original Decramastic roofs usually aren’t good candidates for repair or restoration - so replacement is the only answer.


Not only do many have asbestos inside of them, but Decramastic roof sheets have a bad reputation for short life-spans - with many found to have leaks after storms as they are lightweight but not durable. The lightweight design makes them especially susceptible to any dents, sags and other types of damage and age-related wear.

Anything from a rough storm to someone walking on the roof can cause all sort of damage to a Decramastic roof and lead to gaps and leaks. Given the extreme weather conditions that are known to plague Brisbane and South East Queensland, these roof sheets don’t hold up well. 


Colorbond! If you’re one of our loyal blog readers then you know how much we think Colorbond is the perfect solution! Extending the life of your roof by at least 25 years and with the warranty ensuring a structurally sound and watertight roof, there’s no question that Colorbond is the best option for your Decramastic roof replacement.


Once you start noticing issues with your roof, whether it's visual damage on the surface or internal leaks or issues, you should replace your roof before it leads to damage of your roof structure or home.

It can be a costly activity constantly having your old roof repaired, and while it's a large investment up front, getting a roof replacement will save you lots in the long run. 


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