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Do you have problems with your Decramastic Roof?

Decramastic and Pressed Metal tile roofs were popular back in 70s and 80s, but time has not be particularly kind to this style of roof. In this post, we talk about what you could do if your home still has a decramastic roof.


Checking contents

A decramastic roof sheet is formed into the shape of 5 tiles and coated with a bitumen coating with a fine stone aggregate embedded in the coating. The Bitumen coating helps to make it resemble a cement roof tile. They are lightweight in nature causing them to easily leak and be particularly sensitive to weather (especially hail) and any foot traffic. This leaves them with holes, white, patchy and look worn and tired.



Overall natural weathering is characterised by general chip coating loss. So if the damage is not extensive, only an area could be recoated. However, you may find you have to do this more often than you expected and it would be better to just re-roof your home instead.



Whilst most decramastic roofs have gone beyond the point of repair - some decramastic roofs can still able to be restored. In most cases careless foot traffic across the tin tile is the cause of a lot of damage due to not being walked on correctly, so it is important that foot traffic on a decramastic roof is minimised and walked on in a certain way. Dents are hard to get out as they could damage the roof itself.


Time for a new roof

The most economical way to deal with a decramastic roof or pressed metal tile when it’s starting to look tired, is leaking or dented, is to fully replace it with a colorbond roof. Often on older homes with these decramastic roofs, there can be the original corrugated galvanised sheet metal roof still underneath, so that would also need to be removed in preparation for a new roof cladding. Roo Roofing can supply and install any one of multiple roof sheeting profiles available to replace the old roof. We can advise on the best profile suitable for the pitch and will also take into consideration any visual or heritage considerations of the building structure for that advice. Roo Roofing will supply and install the new roof to the highest standard. We will make sure the entire roof system (including flashing, battens etc.) is weatherproof and vermin resistant.


Why replace your decramastic roof with a colorbond one?

Not only would you eliminate leaks (and get peace of mind for what’s covering your home) but you also be able to improve your home aesthetics, protect your home (thus also adding value to your home) and have a better chance to insulate and lower energy bills.