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What Type Of Roof Is Best For Queensland?

Queensland has a humid subtropical climate and our roofs have to deal with some pretty rough conditions. 


Queensland roofs must not only handle humid, rainy conditions including severe storms with damaging winds, torrential rain, and hail, they must also endure the blistering heat... 


So when it comes to choosing a roof for your Queensland property, you want to make sure it can cope with the harsh conditions.


But what type of roof should you go for?


In this post, we explore the type of roof that does the best job in Queensland. 


The roofing material for Queensland homes needs to be as tough as the environment… And nothing does it better than metal roofing such as Zincalume, galvanised, and Colorbond roofs. 


Metal roofing has been popular throughout Australia for a very long time, and Colorbond is particularly popular in Queensland for the following reasons.


    • Flexibility in design: gives designers and owners a lot more choice when it comes to material usage. Can be used for roofing and walling with many different styles available including Corrugated, Five Rib, and Quiklok 700.
    • Durability and resilience: Colorbond can easily cope with severe storms when installed properly. It has a long product life and is a top performer when it comes to toughness. For over 50 years it has proven it’s worth in the harshest Australian climates.
  • Termite and fire resistant: two big problems for Queenslanders
    • Colour: Colorbond is available in a large range of colours. The colour is bonded to the material, so it never needs painting and will not flake.
    • Non-absorbent: More rainwater can be collected in tanks than other more porous materials such as concrete tiles. In Queensland’s drought-prone regions this is an important advantage.
    • Lightweight: It’s a lighter roofing material which adds flexibility to roof structure design
  • Energy Efficient: Colorbond uses thermatech technology which uses the reflective nature of the material to repeal sunlight and heat which helps keep your house cooler and reduces energy consumption.
  • Easier and cheaper to install than other roofing types.


For homeowners in Queensland, metal roofing has been the best choice for a long time and good reason. Colorbond is a very high-quality roofing product, well suited to the harsh Queensland climate. 

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