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7 Plants For Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

We shared previously 3 of the best flowering vines to grow in Queensland, which would be great for covering your roof via trellises, atop your pergolas or even creating covering for your walkways. In this post, we touch on plants again, but this time about 7 of the best plants to add to your outdoor entertaining areas.


To add some lush greenery to your outdoor entertaining areas or pergola, ferns are an excellent choice. They do well in pots and they are perfect for shaded areas that are prone to humidity, but make sure the soil stays moist.


They make the perfect flowering plant for all over Australia. They do well in most climates and have a long flowering season, starting in the springtime. There are a wide range of colours on the flowers, making for a pretty setting for your outdoor entertaining area.


If you’re looking for plants to create a tropical hideaway, hibiscus are a great option. They come in many colours, all with a trumpet-like shape when in bloom. Some homeowners like a variety of colours to really make for an eye-catching area. They also attract butterflies, a welcomed key player in pollination in a thriving environment.

Just keep in mind that they do drop a lot of leaves and flowers at different periods in the year.


Known as one of the easiest plants to care for, they can thrive in both the sunlight and the shade, just avoid over-watering it as it collects water in the centre of the plant and can rot with too much moisture.

Birds of Paradise (Aka Strelizias)

Common in many Australian outdoor entertaining areas, the Bird of Paradise plant blooms all year round and can withstand direct sunlight. Best known for its unusual, bird-like shape and tropical colouring, this is the perfect Australian plant. Once established, this very hardy plant can withstand long dry spells.

Pygmy Date Palms

When fully-grown, this palm provides a beautiful base with lush green foliage. While an outdoor plant, it thrives in the shade as long as it is frequently watered and in a well-drained soil area.


Summer is the best time to spend time in your outdoor entertaining area, except it’s also the time when the mozzies come out. Plant some citronella nearby your outdoor entertaining area to safely and naturally keep mosquitoes away. 



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