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3 Flowering Vines Perfect For Queensland Homes

In this post, we look the 3 types of flowering vines that are perfect for growing outside Queensland homes. They are great additions if you are planning to have plants growing around the walls and roof of your home.


Want a storybook-like home with beautiful vines growing down from your roof? We’ve all heard the horror stories of when vines wreak havoc, but don’t let that stop you, having vines on your house can be ok - you just need the proper equipment.

Most vines need a support system to grow on and some vines can take root in small crevice on your home and damage the building. Having a trellis system will provide them with something to grow on, just make sure there is space between them and your walls. You also need to make sure the trellis' are strong and well supported so they can take the weight as the vine grows.

Vines can enhance your home, soften hard edges, add colour and change with the seasons - bringing your home to life! Shade from a leafy vine can also help keep temperatures down inside the house during summer. However, one downside is that they can hold unwanted moisture between rains, which can cause problems.

1. Wisteria

A winding vine such as this will grab onto slender props, even a power line, so make sure you keep an eye on it and train it to grow in certain directions. You can string a mono-filament or cable from metal brackets to hold the vine away from the house while helping it climb toward the roof & sky.

It’s a classic climber with flowers that hang down, so it looks great when draped across a patio roof or passageway.

2. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a sun-loving plant that will provide a pretty pop of colour against a back fence or garden shed.

Bougainvilleas are available in pinks, oranges, reds, creams and purples. The plant is a particularly popular choice because it requires very little care or cultivation. In fact, even if you rarely prune, fertilise or water it once established, you should see a good show come summer.

Plant it in a sunny, well-drained spot against a fence or supporting structure/trellis. It will grow well in tropical and temperate climates, especially in warmer winter areas (like Queensland).

3. Star Jasmine

The star jasmine, named after the shape of its small white flowers, grows moderately fast and is easy to maintain. It has glossy dark green leaves and thin tendrils, which can be kept under control with regular trimming. The milky sap of the jasmine is supposedly an excellent deterrent for possums, so it is a plant safe from their nocturnal peckishness. 



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