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5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Roof's Water Runoff

Your roof already does a lot of things for you, but are you maximising its potential?

Using your roof to catch rainwater is an easy way to utilise a valuable resource and comes with a bunch of benefits. It can:

  • Reduce your water bill
  • Provide an alternative supply during water restrictions
  • Protect environmental flows in rivers
  • Reduce the need for dams

With all these positives, you’ll want to get the most out of your water runoff. Here’s how to increase and optimise your rainwater collection:

1. Have The Right Equipment

To get the most out of your water runoff, you need the right equipment. You'll need to have the following:


Having this foundation will be the most crucial step toward increasing your roof’s water runoff.


2. Drink Up

Don’t think you have to completely conserve the rainwater you collect either. You should definitely avoid being wasteful but if your tank becomes full, any extra water collected will just run off into your stormwater drainage.


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3. Assess Your Gutters and Pipes

A blocked pipe or gutter is a sure way to hinder your roofs ability to collect rainwater. Every three months or so, check to see if there is anything stuck in them, as well as making sure there isn’t any damage.

4. Maintain Your Roof

Since your roof will be the surface that your rainwater will be collected from, it’s important that you keep it up to scratch.

Not only will it affect the lifespan of your roof, but excess dirt, leaves and debris can also significantly decrease the amount of rainwater you’ll be harvesting. Keeping it clean and maintained will also make sure your roof has a long and healthy life!

5. Restore or Replace

Sometimes maintenance isn’t enough. If your roof has weathered over the years, having a roofing professional restore or replace your roof can be hugely beneficial for increasing your water run off. Check out our blog on How To Tell If Your Roof Needs Replacing.

If your roof contains lead flashing or asbestos sheeting or is painted with a pre-1980 paint, it won’t be fit for collecting rainwater to drink. A roof restoration or replacement can remedy this and get your roof up to standard.


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