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How To Tell If Your Roof Needs Replacing

Your roof is the ultimate barrier between your family and the elements. Maintaining its health and knowing when it’s time for replacement are important parts of preserving a safe and protected home. Although a roof replacement may come with a large price tag, the costs of waiting too long can be much higher.

Once you start to have leaks or moisture damage because of an ineffective roof, you can be looking at endless repairs and even issues with mold. As a homeowner, it’s important to know and be watchful for the signs that can tell you when your roof is in need of replacement.

A full roof replacement is a big job that should always be left to the professionals like the experts at here at Roo Roofing. If you start to notice any of these telltale signs when you do your seasonal roof inspection, it may be time to call us!

Peeling & Curling Shingles

Asphalt shingles have a specific lifespan, and once they get near the end of it, they will start to show obvious signs of wear. If you can see that some of your shingles are starting to look like they are peeling, this is a sign that they are starting to break down.

If your shingles are starting to curl at the corners like a dried out piece of paper, they are ready for replacement. Leaving peeling or curling shingles without repair can allow water that is draining across your roof to get trapped. Moisture that gets in under your shingles can cause rot and ultimately leaks.


The most obvious sign that you have an issue with your roof and that it may need replacement is when you get leaks. Discoloration on your ceilings can indicate that you have moisture getting in from your roof.

As water enters your home, it will follow gravity and travel through the insulation and even along the wiring of your home’s internal system. If you have any leaks or signs of moisture, it’s time to call us!

Loose Granules

Asphalt shingles are constructed with fine sand-like granules on the surface that helps to direct water off of your roof. Once your shingles start to age, these granules will start to loosen and fall off.

If you start to notice small pebble-like granules building up in your eaves or pooling under your downspouts, it could be a problem. Once your shingles start to shed their granules, it means that they are aging and may not give you the protection that you need.

Missing Shingles

As your roof ages, it will eventually loosen and you could even start to notice that you have some shingles that are missing. If you are losing shingles to wind and storms, it could be a sign that your roof has reached the end of its life and is in need of replacing.

There is nothing more important to the safety and security of your home than your roof. Making sure that you follow a strict maintenance schedule and doing regular inspections can keep you aware of any problems. You should never delay a roof replacement when it is needed. Leaks and damage can cost you more when they are left then putting on a new roof when it’s time.