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What's Involved In A Tile Roof Restoration?

So, you think your tiled roof is still in a fairly good condition, it just looks a little worn, has a couple of cracked tiles and has a few leaks that are becoming a concern. Sounds like it’s the perfect time to have your roof restored…


A tile roof restoration will increase the value of your home by instantly enhancing the appearance of your property. It is a cost effective way to extend the life of the roof, and improve weather protection against the harsh Australian climate.


But what’s exactly involved in a tile roof restoration?


In this article we share the 4 step process, used by qualified roofers to restore tiled roofs.


Step 1. Inspection


An experienced roofing tradesperson will inspect your tile roof and be able to also identify any underlying issues in the roof structure that need attention.


They’ll then specify what works are necessary to make your roof better than new. 

Step 2. Repairs


Repairs and replacement may consist of the following:


  • Replacement of broken or cracked tiles.
  • Removal and replacement of valleys.
  • Valley seal installed and valley tiles clipped.
  • Replacement or repair of flashings.
  • Repair of ridge and barge caps bedding with weep holes installed.
  • Re-point all ridge capping using flexible pointing.

Step 3. Cleaning


Excess dirt, moss, mould, lichen and other contaminants are removed with specialised high-pressure water blast equipment.

Step 4. Coating


Now the roof has been fully prepared, the tiles are ready for coating. Depending on the type of tile, the appropriate and specified tile coating is then applied. Coating provides the desired finish, strengthens and protects the tiles.

The Bottom Line


When your tile roof is looking past its prime and showing signs of wear and tear, a quality roof restoration is an inexpensive way to protect and make your investment shine again.


But it’s important to choose a fully qualified roofing company to complete the work. One that has specialised staff, with many years of expertise and experience in tile roof restoration... 


If you’re considering restoring your roof, the team at Roo Roofing have the experience and know how to do the work correctly the first time.


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