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What Happens When You Restore A Heritage Listed Roof?

Australia has some great heritage-listed buildings, and the maintenance and restoration of these structures (including the roof) is an important part of preserving our historic architecture.

If your heritage roof is struggling to do the job it’s been doing for decades or even a century, then roof restoration could be your preferred solution opposed to roof replacement.

So, let’s look at what happens when you restore your heritage-listed roof.


Replacing a heritage-listed roof completely can be quite expensive, so considering a roof restoration is a good option.

Roo Roofing offers expert roof restoration services that ensure your heritage-listed roof looks ends up looking as good as new. To determine whether your roof should be restored, look out for the following signs:

  • Broken or cracked roof tiles
  • Damaged roof flashing
  • Damaged downpipes and gutters
  • Worn out roof shingles or metal sheeting
  • Roof sagging
  • Roof leaks
  • Evidence of moisture
  • Mould

The Restoration Process

There are many different types of roofing materials used on heritage buildings, but generally, the process for restoration follows these steps:

  • Inspection: An experienced roofing tradesperson will inspect your heritage roof and be able to also identify any underlying issues in the roof structure that need attention. They’ll then specify what works are necessary to make your roof better than new.
  • Cleaning or washing
  • Realign, repair, or replace tiles or metal roofing sheets: The same materials as the existing heritage roof are used or a suitable substitute is found.

Who to Use:

When you are dealing with a roof restoration on a heritage-listed property, you need to make sure any work is carried out by:

  • Professional Roofers: Look for licenced, qualified roofing professionals like the team at Roo Roofing. They have the expertise and long term experience to restore heritage roofs that add value to your property.
  • Industry Experience: Don’t risk your heritage roof restoration with any contractor. Only deal with roofing companies with top industry experience and have testimonials and reviews to back it up.

Looking For A Quality Brisbane Based Roofing Company?

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