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Thinking of Investing in a Modern Solar Roof?

From cars that run purely off battery operation to power plants slowly being replaced by wind powered turbines, we have seen big changes in the last couple of decades when it comes to environmentally-friendly power storage and production. One of the biggest trends for homes and roofs has been solar power. These "modern" roofs harness the power of the sun to do everything from heat water to lower electricity costs.

From everyday appliances to the lights in your home, you can power them with the help of solar shingles/tiles/panels from your very own roof. In this post, we share the lowdown on ‘modern’ solar roofs if you’re thinking of investing in these options.

Introducing the Tesla Roof = + efficiency + aesthetics - cost

This ‘modern’ roof requires homeowners to replace their existing roofs with Tesla’s blend of non-solar glass tiles and solar-enabled glass tiles - creating a complete solar roof.  First introduced in 2017 and rolling out in Australia 2018, the Tesla roof made groundbreaking innovations with their solar-powered shingles - not only looking great but actually ‘acting’ great.

There are however, some that still debate the benefits vs cost considerations, especially because you can just purchase solar tiles rather than entire roof system. However, as this article demonstrates, many people have brought up the cost-savings overall vs regular power consumption. Some conclude that for now, the Tesla Solar roof is not a solid investment compared to normal solar. At the moment, the solar roofs are positioned for high-paying clientele, those who have solar panels on their roofs but want a better aesthetic option, but this may change in the longer term.

Solar Tiles = - efficiency + aesthetics - cost

Let’s look at the other option for a Tesla roof system, which most people lean towards for a lower-cost option. Solar tiles work in the same way as solar panels, except they look like traditional roof tiles. So much of the focus of solar tiles has been on the look of them that many argue they are less efficient than solar panels. 

Solar Panels = + efficiency - aesthetics + cost

If aesthetics aren’t high on your priority list, than traditional solar panels just might be the way to go and unlike solar tiles, solar panels are compatible with most roofing structures. All you need is to have a large and flat enough surface to install them to.

 Are you ready for solar?

No matter which option you choose, each has their own set of pros and cons. Choosing the right one depends on your priorities, what solar products are available to you, and what kind of solar option will work with your roof. All solar products whether Tesla or solar tiles or panels, are an amazing innovation and a great addition to your roof.

Being able to harness the power from the sun is not only an environmentally friendly roofing option but it also lets your home work towards a more sustainable future.


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