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The Best Roofs for Brisbane Homes

Brisbane is known for its hot weather and intense storm seasons… which is why you should have complete faith in the roof over your head.

A roof’s primary purpose is to keep out the elements, and some materials are better suited to be this than others; especially in the Brisbane climate.

The team at Roo Roofing have intimate knowledge of the Brisbane area and know the right types of roofs that will weather whatever is thrown at it… here are our top picks:

Colorbond Roofs

Colorbond roofs are becoming one of the most popular roofs in Queensland and for good reason too. 

In essence, Colorbond is a metal roofing material that has baked on colour to its surface. Have a look at our Colorbond Colour Chart to see the range of styles available.

In addition to its aesthetics, Colorbond is jam packed with technology. 

This includes Thermatech, a heat reflective technology that will reflect the sun's rays to cool down your home. Activate is also used in its creation, which provides resistance to corrosion and improved protection by adding magnesium to the material.

For the Queensland climate, this will help with cooling or heating your home and giving you the peace of mind that you are protected from the elements.

This lightweight and durable material will also give your home a modern look that will also increase its market value.

Zincalume Roofs

Zincalume Roofs are similar to Colorbond in that it is a metal roof, but is slightly different in its makeup.

These roofs aren’t painted and have a coating made from zinc, silicone and aluminium. Like Colorbond, they use Activate to prevent corrosion and provide additional protection.

Further, Zincalume is more environmentally and budget friendly than many other steel roofs and will last four times longer than standard galvanised steel. 

You’ll rest easy knowing you can trust in its durability and protection against Brisbane’s weather.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete Tile Roofs are a good choice in providing protection against the Australian climate. 

These tiles are low maintenance, long lasting and highly insulating… and they will dramatically improve the streetscape value of your home!

Concrete tiles are made from a mixture of sand and cement and either have pigment mixed through the material or coated on top. An additional benefit of tiles is that in the event that one does crack, you’ll only need to replace a single tile, rather than the full roof. 

Considering Updating?

If you are considering updating your roof, you can’t go wrong with Roo Roofing

We specialise in both Roof Replacement and Roof Restoration to suit what your roof needs, and will provide expert advice, consultations and workmanship throughout the process.

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