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The Problems Caused by Porous Roof Tiles

roof_repairsAs roofs age their once formidable rigidity can take a few hits. Especially when dealing with roof tiles, they can become porous as the years go on.

Porosity in roof tiles can cause a few notable problems which will be discussed in further detail throughout this blog. So let’s take a look at why you should keep an eye on your tiles to ensure they don’t become porous.

1. Porous tiles are weaker

When looking at a porous tile, the clear telltale signs are the numerous cracks and small holes that have formed throughout it. Naturally, a tile with holes in it is going to be weaker than a solid tile. The weaker the tile, the worse it is. The result of weakened tiles is that they can more easily be damaged or outright broken from things such as storms, winds or even you walking on them.

2. They gather dirt quicker

Because of the numerous holes that start to emerge in your tiles, it allows dirt and scum to become captured in a quicker time period. Dirt and scum further attributes to the weakening of tiles. Along with this, the aesthetic nature of your roof is compromised and makes your house look less appealing.

3. Porous tiles lead to leaks

As the porosity of your tiles increase, it means more and more little holes will fill the entirety of your tiles. The more holes there are, the more water can start to absorb and leak through your tiles with less difficulty. Leaks such as this could cause water to seep into your house and cause condensation and mould to form in your walls, door frames, etc.

4. They can present a danger

Given that porous roof tiles are weaker than tiles that aren’t suffering from the same issue, it means they can also present a danger. Porous roof tiles are more dangerous to walk on as they are more likely to break, the leaking water can cause damage to your home, and the mould that forms due to roof leaks can present health concerns. Of course you would need to leave your tiles to become pretty bad for this to be a concern, but it is important to note.

5. It impacts on the value of your home

If you’re hoping to sell your home anytime soon, then having porous roof tiles could affect its market value. People will be less inclined to purchase a home where they’ll need to spend money on repairing the roof. Also, the broken look of your roof will ultimately play a role on how appealing your home looks in general.

If you believe the tiles on your roof are beginning to suffer from some form of porosity, Roo Roofing can inspect your roof and offer you the right solutions. To find out more, contact us online or call us on 1300 734 148.