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Online Tools To Help Plan Your Home Renovation or Makeover

There are online tools you can use to plan your home renovation or makeover from the comfort of your own home.

From choosing the most suitable colour to paint a room or your whole house with, to even designing your dream home,  there are online tools that let you test out different options and styles. Besides the tools, all you need is a computer, an internet connection and your imagination.


Want to know some of the best tools? Here's 3 so you can start making your home renovation or makeover a reality:

Online Tools for Home Renovations

Home renovations and home makeovers are quite different. The former refers to repairing or rebuilding homes, a part or parts of them. The latter means improving entire homes by remaking, redesigning or remodeling them.

There are many different types of home renovations. Some don’t take that much time or effort - one of the most simple and common is repainting. It’s arguably the easiest way to make a home look like new again. Once it’s done, the house will look as good as when it was bought. Or probably even better.

To find the right colour, many of us spend hours looking at countless houses and colour charts and then colour swatching all over walls. Not anymore. There are lots of online tools now that let you see how each colour will look in or on your home before hiring someone to paint it for you. One is Paint My Place. This free mobile app lets you upload a photo of any part of your property on which you can mix and match the many available colours on it.

Being able to make your choice so easily guarantees you get the perfect colour or colours for your home.

Online Tools for Connecting with Stylists or Interior Designers

Some interior designers charge as much as $300.00 per hour. Good thing there are apps now that let you get in touch with talented interior designers, stylists and decorators all over the country for a more affordable price.

Take The StyleSmiths. This online design platform lets you book a face-to-face consultation with some of the country’s leading interior designers, stylists, colour specialists and architects working in their downtime for as low as $66.00. The owners, Samantha Eades and Richard Misso, consider no project too big or small. The interior designer, stylist or decorator you hire through their website will charge by the hour but on a sliding scale based on his or her experience. You can expect to pay even less as Samantha and Richard can give access to their designer’s discounts, putting interior design expertise well within your reach.

Online Tools for Home Makeovers

Nothing’s as challenging as a home makeover. You need to consider a lot to get it right. You need to make sure the dimensions of your home match up, choose the design of the new doors and windows, and pick out the new furniture, just to name a few.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are online tools you can use to design your new home from top to bottom. Take HomeByMe. This 3-D home design and decoration program lets you do your entire home makeover virtually, including furnishing it.

The better you can visualise your dream home, the greater your chances of realising it.



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