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Do Your Gutters Match Your Roof? (Matching Beyond Colour)

Your gutters shouldn't just match your roof in terms of colour palette, they should also match your roof's structure and design. In this post, we ask readers: "Do your gutters match your roof beyond colour matching?"

Gutters often get overlooked by many new homeowners. Asking about your new house’s gutters isn't usually first on the checklist when you're sussing out a new property. However, it is a very important step.  

Most of the time, when you look at gutters the main thing you look for is colour matching. But is a suitable gutter just about matching the right colour? What else should you look for in your gutters?

What could happen to your property if gutters didn't match the roof?

A common misconception is that the only thing you should be looking out for it gutter colour, due to the idea that gutters must look like an extension of the roof-line. While this doesn’t mean that it's not true, there are more important aspects to consider because making the wrong choice of gutters can be a very costly mistake. 

Your options:

If you’re looking to renovate or replace your old gutters, you first need to look at the structure and condition of your roof, as well as any connected downpipes, drains, and even tanks. 

In terms of materials, there are many different types to choose from, such as plastic, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized etc. as well as many different guttering profiles. 

Generally the best option is metal gutters, as they have a longer life and are usually more durable. The only downside is that metal gutters are prone to rust (in the long term). The longevity of metal gutters means they are more cost effective. 

Of your metal options, there is aluminium, which is the most popular metal gutter because of its low-cost and its rust-resistance.

Then there's steel gutters which are generally more durable than aluminium. They also prevent your gutters from getting rust easily. Zinc gutters are also a strong, rustproof and durable option, and they're one of the best at handling extreme weather. Lastly there's copper, which is the most pricey option but it is incredibly rust resistant in any climate so it will hold up well over time.

How to know if your gutters match your roof:

The first thing you'll notice is if they actually work effectively, draining off water from your roof and either down drainpipes or into a rainwater tank. Make sure your gutters are cut to exact measurements and installed correctly, if they're not, you'll soon notice water leaking.

Next, check if the gutter style or profile matches the profile of your roof. Your gutters should blend in with your roof line, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. There are usually two main types of gutters - K-Style Gutters and Half Round Gutters. 

Roof pitch is also very important to know what size of gutter you must buy to match your roofs. The steeper a roof’s pitch, the more rain it may collect. And due to that, houses with big, steep roofs may need wider gutters to keep the rainwater from overflowing.

The best way of dealing with maintenance and repair of your gutters is to purchase quality materials when building or restoring your roof. Most higher quality gutter materials are more pricey, but the investment will be worth it in the long run. 


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