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Environmentally-Friendly Roof Options

Deciding which roofing option best suits your house is probably one of the most important considerations when it comes to planning and building a property. The roof is not only your home’s barrier from the elements, but it lends to people’s first impressions of your property.

Environmentally-friendly roofing options are part of today’s rising roof trends and people are considering it as the next big thing when it comes to home's exterior components. To guide you further, here are some eco-friendly roofing options you might want to check out:

The Cool Roof

Also known as “white roof”, this type of roofing is made of light and reflective materials that reflect sun rays and infrared light away from the house. This way, the house’s interior is cooled down, resulting to decreased energy bills, especially during summertime. This option is undeniably energy-efficient, plus it’s also more affordable than some others.

Roofs Made of Recycled Materials

Today, some roofs are actually made of recycled materials like plastic and rubber, making them the “greenest” option. These roofs provide excellent durability, but only allow for minimal roof fixtures and changes. Because these roofs are made of waste materials from factories and houses, this reduces the energy consumption needed to produce the raw materials for actual roofs.

The Reclaimed Clay Roof

This type of roof is mostly used in older style homes and is a great match with Spanish-style houses. Clay roofs are made of natural materials and their colour is the stand out feature - the light colours make them an energy efficient option. But they are also very long lasting, some can last up to a hundred years. 

A Metal Roof

Metal roofs are considered to be one of the best options for people who want an option with it all. It does a great job of reflecting light, it's generally recyclable for further use, fire-resistant, and it’s also proven to last as long as 50 years. The best thing about this option is that you can choose a metal roof that’s made of recycled contents with lighter colour for cooling purposes and additional eco-friendliness.

Go Green Roof

This green roof is literally green. You'll usually find it on flat roofs or those with minimal pitch, as layers of waterproof coverings and soil are added and then gardens, like flowers, vegetables and other vegetation is grown on it.

This type of roofing gives your house incredible insulation, clean air circulation and even rainwater filtration. Not only does this roof add to the house’s appeal, it can also make your home self-sufficient with your own vegetable garden. Even though having this kind of roof may be costly, due to installation, maintenance, and other factors, nothing beats the benefits of having a green roof.

A Solar Roof

Solar panels are one of the first environmentally-friendly roof options that people think of.  Solar panels have been around for a long time, with many Australian's utilising them for hot water heating, electricity, and helping to reduce their bills.

Today’s advanced roofing designs mean that entirely solar roofs are possible. Like the recent Tesla roof. This roof option may be pricey and may not be appropriate for every house, but new styles are being developed all the time, so it may be a great option for you in the near future.  

Is your home covered by one of these environmentally-friendly roofs? At Roo Roofing, we can help maintain them or restore them.

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