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Cheap Roofing Quotes - What Possibly Could Go Wrong?

It is understandable why a cheap roofing quote is the most tempting to go with. 

Any home improvement task is a costly endeavour, and roofing especially can make a dint in your budget. 

However, while you are shopping around for A Roofing Quote, it is important to ensure you are getting quality workmanship at a reasonable price… not just a cheap one. 

What’s The Problem?

In our line of work, it is far too common that we go out to do some minor repair works on some recently installed roofing and find that the problem is much bigger. 

Often, this is a direct result of dodgy workmanship when the roofing was installed or restored.

Having to redo the work that has already been done is a costly affair, especially considering the amount the homeowner already paid when it was initially completed.

Often the problems stem from:

  • Cheap materials
  • Unlicensed work
  • A rushed job

Ultimately, paying slightly more for a quality job the first time around is going to save you money in the long run.

What Are The Red Flags For Roofing Quotes?

There are a few tricks that substandard tradespeople use to get around extra costs and avoid scrutiny of their work. 

In line with QBCC standards, if the work is valued under $3300 it does not require a licence. This means that dodgy tradies can avoid paying QBCC insurance, eliminating the risk of a QBCC complaint and the subsequent accountability... if they quote below the threshold. 

Similarly, tradies who ask to be paid in cash are often dodging tax and licencing requirements… it is wise to be cautious of those that request this. 

For larger works, dodgy tradespeople will strategically not provide certification and building approvals, which usually cost a couple of thousand dollars to facilitate.

They will either not mention this requirement or not engage the certifier and pocket the difference. 

Once again, this helps them to avoid scrutiny of certifiers and QBCC.

How Can You Avoid Dodgy Roofers?

Although there are dodgy tradespeople out there, there are also plenty of reliable companies to choose from.

Make sure you do your research into the roofing company you choose to hire and shop around for a quote that comes at a reasonable price.

Another sure way to ensure everything is above board is to ask to see their licences and certifications before the work commences. 

For a trustworthy and licenced roofing company, you can’t go wrong with Roo Roofing.

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