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Facts about Roofing Insulation for Colorbond Roofs

Colorbond roofs are known to be thermally efficient roofing materials however any metal covered roof is only as effective as its insulation. In this post, we share 3 facts about roofing insulation for Colorbond roofs.

#1 Myth or Fact?

Some people think that a metal roof will make your house colder in winter when in fact a metal roof shouldn’t have any effect whatsoever on the temperature of a typical vented space in winter. It’s the insulation under your roof or on the ceiling space that determines whether you are as comfortable as you need or want to be. A properly insulated roof keeps the heat inside.

#2 Colorbond roofs radiate less heat into your building as they cool down faster at night

To reduce the transmission of heat into a building or property, insulation can easily be incorporate during the installation of Colorbond roof sheets (please feel free to ask about this for more detail).

#3 There are two types of insulation commonly used during the installation of metal roofs

Wool Insulation Blankets are one of them and at Roo Roofing, of the insulation options we offer, we recommend Earthwool Insulation. The other type is called underlayments (aka Sarking). In many installations, both are installed.

#4 Roof Ventilation

Ventilated roof spaces in high humid climates like Queensland that are under metal roofs can result in excessive condensation within the roof space at night. You can prevent condensation dripping off the underside of metal roofing onto the ceiling by installing sarking under the metal roof or closing the vents at night to prevent night air from entering the roof space. In bushfire prone areas, cover any openings with fine stainless steel mesh to prevent cinders from entering the roof space.

#5 Gutters

Gutters on metal roofs should be wide enough to catch the dribbles and prevent it from going into the roof cavity – and when this is the case, the roof also shouldn’t leak.

#6 Gaps

Avoid gaps in all types of insulation. Even a small gap can greatly reduce the insulating value. Fit polyester batts snugly and don’t leave gaps around ducts and pipes.

#7 Peace & Quiet

All of our insulation products can help dampen sound vibration to reduce noise making for a peace environment inside.So, for those who have ‘heard’ that metal roofs can be noisy, rest assured with the best insulation in place, metal roofs at Roo Roofing shouldn’t fall into the noisy category.