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5 Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

Roofs are built to withstand the elements but that doesn’t mean they don’t wear down over time.

When to replace your roof largely depends on its age, material and the quality of the craftsmanship when it was installed... but there are signs you can watch for that indicate you may will need to consider a Roof Replacement or Restoration.

Read on for the five warning signs that you need a new roof:

1. Sagging

If there is one thing to watch out for, it’s sagging.

This is often a symptom of structural damage, which can include inadequate bracing, poor spacing or structural failure. If this is the case for you, get in contact with a roofing professional as soon as you can.

2. Leaks or Moisture

If your roof is leaking, it will be quite obvious there's something wrong.

This can be a big problem, particularly if it is made using wooden beams, and can lead to rot and mould growth.


To keep on top of this, check your roof regularly, especially after heavy rain to see if there are any water trails from leaks or dark spots that could indicate moisture has gotten beneath your roof.

3. Mould and Mildew Growths

Mould, mildew, moss and algae are common growths that occur as a result of water damage and leaks. 

They are usually quite easy to spot so they are a good indicator to watch for to determine the state of your roof. Of course, be sure to ascertain whether the issue is a result of the plumbing before going ahead with a replacement.

4. Deteriorating Flashing

If the flashing around your chimney or ventilation is deteriorating, cracked or loose, this can cause serious problems. 

Flashing is installed to keep the water out of these important areas on your roof and won’t be able to if it's damaged.

If you have older flashing made from asphalt or tar, you should consider a roof replacement to install a metal flashing system that will seamlessly prevent leaks. 

5. Ageing

Roofs can last a long time, but even they will show signs of wear and tear over the years.

Damage can occur from the weather, trees, moisture or pollution, and will show signs of this if you look. Cracked shingles or tiles, holes, bald spots, peeling paintwork and other visible damages to your roofing material can indicate that your roof is on the way out. 

If your roof is showing any of these signs, it’s useful to get a roofing professional to have a look to determine what is best.

Depending on the state of your roof, it may need replacing or restoring. If it isn’t too far gone, be sure to check out our blog on Roof Restoration Rescue - Top Tips To Ensure The Perfect Result.  

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