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5 of Australia's Best Renovation TV Shows - 2018 Update

 One of the biggest trends in Australia today is renovating! Planning to do a home renovation? Get inspired in this post as we share 2018's Best Renovation TV Shows.


Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper pairs renovation, design and real estate pros (and married couple) Chip and Joanna Gaines with home buyers to renovate homes that are in great locations, but have bad design or are in poor condition.

Where to watch: Channel 9Life or through their streaming app 9now


Why watch it: For down-to-earth, wholesome and inspiring design advice. They like to renovate older homes too so it's great to check out how they do decramastic roof replacement.

Why Renovate your roof? Reason #1: One of the main reasons to renovate your home and roof is to enhance curb appeal and raise your home’s value (especially helpful when you’re planning to sell your house).



Brother vs Brother

From the boys who graced our screens as 'The Property Brothers', this is just one of their many spin-off renovation shows, where they compete to renovate investment properties. Who would you choose? Drew, the real estate expert or his twin, Jonathan, a licensed contractor? 

Where to watch: Channel 9Life (or through their streaming app 9now)


Why watch it: These guys don't just look great, they actually know their stuff and share some great renovation tips.


Why Renovate your roof? Reason #2: Enhancing your home’s curb side appeal means improving the aesthetics. The roof itself - whilst not always so noticeable – creates a major bearing on the overall look of your home. It doesn’t mean to say you need to go overboard with aesthetic expenses, even the simplest modern look of re-roofing can drastically boost the appeal of your home. From new tiles to a colour change, you can make changes to truly suit your home’s overall design. If you're looking for metal roof restoration Brisbane, contact us!


House Rules

The series follows six couples (or pairs) who renovate each other’s homes to receive the highest scores, with the winners having their mortgages paid off! 


A post shared by House Rules (@houseruleson7) on

Where to watch: Channel 7 (or through their streaming app Plus7)


Why watch it: Like the Block, this renovation tv show features real people and showcases the challenges that renovating a home can bring. What makes this extra special, is it also features real homes, so you can see from start to finish how much they change throughout the season.

Why Renovate your roof? Reason #3: Considering roof replacement is a big decision. One of the main actions during a home renovation is roof restoration or roof replacement. From cracks, breaks, leaks and the age of your roof – there’s vital signs that scream safe roofing repairs. Even if your roof is showing all signs of a healthy life, its age can be a dead giveaway that it’s time for change.



Raise The Roof

Follow contractor Keith Nylund as he transforms smaller historical homes by ripping off the roof and adding a level or even two to increase the home’s size exponentially.

Where to watch: Channel 9Life (or through their streaming app 9now)


Why watch it: What makes this show special is that “yes, we can!” attitude! Taking on what looks like near impossible challenges and doing exactly what the show’s title implores, by raising the roof!


Why Renovate your roof? Reason #4: Just as valuable as a visual change can be for the home, new adaptations for a more comfortable future can be just as beneficial. As homes become more and more energy-efficient, it presents a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your roof. Depending on your home’s construction, an energy-efficient roof can save up to 15% of cooling and heating costs. If you're looking for Roof and building service in Brisbane, contact us.



Listed Sisters

Identical twins Alana and Lex are the hosts of the show and help homeowners not only renovate their homes (Lex is the designer) but sell them too (Alana is the realtor).


A post shared by Lex LeBlanc (@thelexleblanc) on

Where to watch: Channel 9Life (or through their streaming app 9now)


Why watch it: It’s so cool to see how these twins reimagine each house. You even have to ask, why would that want to move after such amazing transformations?

Why Renovate your roof? Reason #5: Some homes get renovated to improve thermal comfort. From replacing windows to simple fixes like installing heavy drapes, renovations aren’t just for looks they can also change a home’s energy efficiency. Heat rises, and if heat is escaping your home (which can be very costly) your insulation could be to blame.



And special mention goes to...


Selling Houses Australia

 This show often pulls at the heartstrings, following the Selling Houses team as they renovate, update, and prepare houses all over Australia to be sold. Hosted by Andrew Winter, this show reveals the top tips for making your home more appealing (and potentially higher valued) to get the most out of your sale. 


Where to watch: Foxtel Lifestyle channel 


Why watch it: Great for inspiration when selling your home. Some of the tips and tricks are easy for those that love a bit of DIY, others are a bit more complicated. Either way, you'll get a good glimpse into the world of home design and real estate selling. 



Grand Designs 

Following the huge popularity of the English version of Grand Designs (with very recognisable host Kevin McCloud), Australia launched it's own Grand Designs, with each episode following Australian homeowners as they attempt to build their dream home. 


Where to watch: Foxtel Lifestyle channel


Why watch it: This is the perfect show for home-building hopefuls to see what really goes into designing and building your own home. It doesn't shy away from showing the stress and hardships that come along with building. But as you watch the (slow) progress and the grand reveal at the end, you can't help but feel inspired by these "grand designs". 


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