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4 Popular Metal Materials Used to Make Roofs in Brisbane

In this post, we discuss the 4 main materials used for metal roofs in Brisbane, to help those who need metal roof replacement or metal roof restorations choose the best option for them.

As providers of roof and building services in Brisbane, specialising in metal roof restorations and replacements, our roofs are known to be of the highest quality. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to withstand Australia’s potentially extreme weather.

When choosing metal roofs, it's important to know that there are differences between metal materials. They don’t all look the same, and some are more flexible or durable than others.

To help you make the best choice, here are the 4 materials most commonly used to make metal roofs in Queensland’s capital:


Steel is a popular roof-building material not only in the city but across the country. That’s because this metal has several properties that make it one of the most versatile roof-building materials.

The most valuable of all of steel’s properties are its durability and malleability. Not easily deformed and highly resistant to the elements, steel is one of the strongest metals, making roofs made of it more durable than most others. It can also be bent into many different shapes, offering roofs made of steel in many different styles.

Steel is such a versatile roof-building material that there are various steel roofs available. There’s Colorbond steel roofs and Zincalume steel roofs, both of which are products of leading Australian steel company BlueScope.

Colorbond steel features 5 layers of protection:

  • Topcoat of specially developed, exterior-grade paint
  • Corrosion-inhibiting primer
  • Pretreatment layer that boosts adhesion
  • Bluescope’s well-known metallic coating
  • Steel base

These make roofs made of Colorbond steel highly resistant to corrosion.

On the other hand, Zincalume steel features a protective coating made of zinc and aluminium alloy that gives roofs made of this type of steel 4x more corrosion resistance than galvanised steel.

Given how tough they are, consider a Colorbond roof replacement or a Zincalume roof replacement if you want a metal roof you can count on to help keep you and your loved ones safe from the elements for decades.


Tin used to be a popular roof-building material in the country.

Originally known as corrugated wrought iron, tin roofs were made of sheets of hot-dipped galvanised iron that were cold-rolled to form the distinctive pattern of alternating grooves and ridges that increased their strength.

While they were lightweight and cheap, tin roofs were strong, corrosion-resistant, flexible and can be constructed quickly. But they inevitably rusted within a few years despite having a protective zinc coating. That’s why they’re no longer popular.

But tin roofs are still available. To make them more resistant to rust, they’ve undergone some changes. Instead of making entire roofs out of it, tin is now used with lead as a protective coating for metal roofs. Metal roofs with such a coating are called terneplate roofs. They are more affordable than most other types of metal roofs, can last up to 6 decades and are more suitable to replace low-pitch roofs.

If you’re interested in a tin roof replacement but not sure if it’s the right roof replacement for you, get in touch with us today.


Aluminium is a terrific roof-building material with several great features.

To begin with, aluminium doesn’t rust. It also makes a great warm climate roof, as it can reflect over 90% of the sun’s rays, ensuring those who live under them stay as cool as possible. When winter comes, they can reflect heat back into homes, helping to keep internal temperatures more comfortable. With how well they can regulate heat, they can help lower energy consumption and reduce power costs. Since as much as 90% of them consist of recycled materials, they are also environment-friendly. The other beneficial features of aluminium roofs are being lightweight and malleable but exceptionally durable.


Of all the roof-building materials there are, zinc may very well be the most durable. Roofs made of it can last a century. Like aluminum, it’s lightweight and malleable. Since it’s also recyclable and has low toxicity levels, roofs made of it are environment-friendly.

Despite being a wonderful roof-building material, zinc is not commonly used as it is the most expensive option on this list.


No matter the sheet metal roof replacement you may need, now that you’re armed with more knowledge about the most common roof-building materials there are, you have a better chance of choosing the best one for you.


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