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Would You Get a Tesla Roof?

Tesla is now officially producing Solar Roof tiles. This will be a huge game changer for eco-friendly homes. Over a dozen Tesla employees, including Elon Musk himself, had the product installed on their homes during the pilot program. In this post, we take a look at Tesla’s take on a roof that can be 100% solar.


Let’s talk about price. As we’re sure everyone is wondering - is it affordable?

According to a Tesla spokesperson, their solar roofs could cost around 10-15% less than a roof equipped with traditional solar panels. However, it looks like the initial investment is more costly, at least 10-20k more to roof a home with Tesla solar tiles than regular solar panels. For a more in depth look at price comparison, see here.


Tesla states on its website that the roof tiles used in its solar roof installations have an “infinite warranty” because of the strength of the glass they use.

tesla solar roof


Tesla roof tiles come in four designs: Tuscan glass tile, slate glass tile, textured glass tile and smooth glass tile. With these four different designs, Tesla can make inroads into both the solar industry and the roofing industry and offer competitive advantages in both.

Would you invest in a Tesla roof?

Tesla isn’t the first company to think of solar roofs, over the years solar roof tiles have evolved and a multitude of companies have attempted to create a genuine roofing material rather than a module add-on. However, they are the first to develop an entirely solar roof.

Regardless of whether you’re considering the Tesla solar roof, you should also take a look at quotes for standard solar panel systems. Consider your existing roofing - do you have a roof to support solar panels?



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