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Your Ultimate Guide To Decramastic Roofs

Do you know what a decramastic roof is?


If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone…


You’ll find everything you need to know about decramastic roofs in this ultimate guide.


What is a decramastic roof?

Popular in the 1980s, decramastic roofs (also known as pressed metal tile roofs) are made from lightweight sheeting, formed to the shape of 5 tiles and coated with bitumen. This new roofing material was often installed straight on top of the original corrugated galvanised iron roof.


At the height of its popularity this roofing material was seen as affordable and highly durable. But in time, it became obvious this was not the case. For reasons, such as:

  • The design is lightweight, easy to dent and susceptible to gapping and leaks resulting in water damage and can quickly take on a tired worn look.
  • The fine stone aggregate used to coat the material contained asbestos.
  • It cannot withstand the extreme weather conditions, especially hail.


 As new materials and roof trends changed, demacrastic roofs were rarely used.


How do you know if you have a decramastic roof?

A decramastic roof is designed to look like fired roofing tiles and is easy to identify. At close inspection you’ll see that they are thin sheeting which bend and dent easily. 


How do you maintain a decramastic roof?

As already mentioned, the problem with decramastic roofs is within a fairly short time chips, gaps, and dents occur leaving areas susceptible to leaks. These areas require attention and depending on the damage, recoating may be an option. But generally this needs to be done so regularly it’s best to replace the roof instead.


Can a decramastic roof be repaired?

When a decramastic roof starts to wear and look worn, is leaking or badly dented repairing it is not an option. The most economical option is to replace it with a colorbond roof.


On some older homes, the decramastic roof has been installed straight over the original corrugated iron roof, so this material must also be removed in preparation for the new roof cladding.


Replacing your decramastic roof will not only give you peace of mind knowing your home is now properly protected, it will add value to your home.


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