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The Risk of Selecting the Cheapest Roofing Quote

A warning message from the Director of Roo Roofing.

One of our experienced staff attended an appointment to quote on removing an old patio and returning the fascia and gutter back to the area where the old patio was being removed. It seemed like a simple enough job, as he would have been reconnecting to a reasonably recently installed gutter. 

This gutter had been installed by a different contractor approximately three years previously. On closer examination of the gutter it was discovered that the new gutter was holding water and installed so badly that the only reasonable solution to rectify the issues would have been to remove the gutters and reinstall them.


Common Issues

If you think this is a rare occurrence you would be mistaken. Our staff often come across newly installed works that are substandard and if rectification was facilitated, then all new materials and labour would be required.

How does this happen you may ask? In this case, the works were to a rental property and the home owner was overseas for the duration of the works. But in most cases it is often a result of the average home owner not having an understanding of the finer and very important trade standards required for trade works such as roof and gutter replacement. And why would they? But the big risk is often most people go with the cheapest quote and hope for the best. 

A few tricks that substandard tradespeople use to avoid scrutiny on their works is quoting below the $3,300 threshold for QBBCC insurance. Most dodgy tradespeople will avoid quoting any price over $3,300 which invokes the requirement to pay QBCC insurance and therefore the potential risk of a complaint to QBCC and the associated accountability that can follow. Tradespeople that transact in cash are also doing so to cheat the tax payers of Australia and avoid accountability from authorities.

On larger jobs such as roof replacements, tradespeople will cut corners by not providing certification and building approvals. This usually cost a couple of thousand dollars to facilitate. So the disreputable tradespeople will often not mention it or not engage the certifier and pocket the difference. This also helps the tradesperson avoids scrutiny by third-parties such as QBCC and a certifier as you can’t get certification or building approval without lodging the QBCC insurance. This is how they provide cheaper quotes and avoid third-party scrutiny over their work.


How To Avoid The Risk

The best way to avoid these issues is to get more than one quote from reputable businesses with long trading histories. Make sure the quotes are professionally laid out with a full description of the works and services being provided. Check that they have a QBCC licence and are members of a third-party organisation such as Master Builders. Do not always go with the cheapest quote and don’t try and screw down your tradespeople to match unrealistic quotes provided by others. 

A business of trades people is often a better choice than an individual, as a trade business will often have checks and balances to insure the individual tradesperson doing your job is managed and checked for quality. This layer of protection for the client costs money. So paying a fair price for services is often for your protection and not the greed of a trade business. A reputable business can often provide warranties easier if there is a chance that they need to deal with a faulty product or substandard work. 

So if you are looking for an honest quote and reliable trade service for roof replacement or gutter replacement in the Brisbane South, Brisbane North, Brisbane East, Brisbane West, Ipswich and surrounding areas please send us an email and request a quote.



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