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Cool your Home This Summer with Roof Ventilation

Looking for a way to stay cool this summer? The answer is: ventilating your roof. 

What is ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of lowering internal temperatures by replacing trapped hot air with cooler air from outside. 

Roof space temperatures can exceed 60ºC in summer. That’s HOT! 

Ventilation allows that hot air to escape, which helps your house to cool down. It can be hugely beneficial during summer, as it reduces the heat in your home without the need for air-conditioning. 

Why should I ventilate my roof?

Adding ventilation to your roof is the best way to regulate the temperature of your home. It also brings many other benefits, including to: 

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce power bills
  • Reduce humidity and unwanted moisture (and mould)
  • Reduce chance of termites 
  • Improve air quality 
  • Improve comfort 

How to ventilate your roof:

Now that you know all the benefits of ventilation, you may be wondering how to ventilate your home. There are a few aspects to consider to ensure that your ventilation system will perform at its best. 

  • Plan vent and fan locations: The first step is to scope out your roof and determine the best location for your vents. If you live in a hot place like Brisbane, then you’ll want your vents to cool your home. Since warm air rises, extraction fans are best placed in the highest areas of the roof, making it easier for them to pull up air from the roof cavity. Intake vents are best placed under the shadowy eave of the roof, where the air is slightly cooler.

  • Choose the right size of vent: Then, you’ll want to think about the size of your vents. This will depend on the size of your roof cavity. It’s recommended to aim for ten air changes per hour in your roof cavity. 

  • Decide on power: You may also want to consider powering your vents to make them more effective. They can be powered by solar panels or connected to your home’s power. In fact, solar-powered vents are believed to be twenty times more powerful than a standard whirly bird.

  • Balance inlet and outlet vents: Finally, you’ll need to think about whether your ventilation system is balanced. Do you have the same amount of air going in and out? If you have a huge vent letting in large amounts of air, and only a single outlet vent extracting it, then the air won’t circulate as quickly. For your ventilation to be effective, you’ll need to understand the airflow rate of your vents and balance them.  

Looking for roof ventilation for your home?

At Roo Roofing, we know all there is to know about roofing and ventilation. Our expert team can recommend the best ventilation solution to cool down your home for summer. 

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