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5 Simple Fixes For A More Energy Efficient Roof

Living in Queensland, we're all aware of the extreme weather conditions we can get. It can be windy as anything one day, then perfectly calm the next with super sunny weather. With Winter edging closer, it also means more unpredictable days. In this post, we share 5 simple fixes you can do to have a more energy efficient roof.

1. Go light. Choose a lighter colour for your roof. This makes a big difference when it comes to the heat it allows into your home. Dark roofs can absorb light and heat and generally they direct it inward. A light coloured roof will reflect the heat, it doesn’t transfer it to the internal of your home.

2. Insulate. This is also a major decider to efficiency - many homes are not insulated properly. While adding new insulation to a poorly insulated roof lining will provide some benefit, it is important to get insulation correct like using cellulose fibre.

3. Cool Roof Coating. Consider the one of the many applications to your roof that help keep your roof cool and extend the lifetime of your roof. Anyone who wears black in the summer sun knows the impact of dark colours on heat retention. The same principle works with your roof: the darker the roof, the more heat is retained.

4. Ventilate. Like with homes that have good insulation, those that ventilate properly also ensure a more energy efficient roof/home. In cooler seasons, a lack of ventilation can trap cold air and cause moisture to build up, resulting in problems with mould, mildew, and damage to the roof and gutters.

5. Consider other options than asphalt shingles. Consider energy efficient materials such as metal roofing. Offering a wide range of benefits. They are not only lightweight, durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, they’re resistant to extreme weather conditions. Metal roofing can be expensive, but they require low maintenance and can be installed over existing roofs. They typically last 25 to 50 years.

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