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Repurposing Old Roofing Materials

When you’re in the process of repairing or replacing your roof, you may be wondering what to do with the old materials…

Rather than simply throwing them out, here are some creative ideas to reuse roofing materials around your garden and home. 

Whether it’s old gutters, tiles or slats, there are ways you can repurpose them in your home. 

Repurposing Gutters

There are many ways you can reuse old gutters. For example, you could use them to create garden beds, garden shelves, or even bookshelves. 

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Repurposing Tiles

Old tiles can be perfect for reusing in the garden too. For example, you could make garden pathways or garden beds.

To make a pathway, clear the route, level out the dirt with a shovel, and then lay the tiles on top. 

To make a garden bed, stand the tiles vertically in the soil and bury the base until they stand firm. Then fill the bed with soil and plants. The raised bed will drain easily and plants will grow well in this environment. Tiles can also be repurposed as plant pots and roofing for garden sheds or garages.  

Another idea for reusing roof tiles is to make a fire pit. Simply use the tiles to build the base and walls of your fire pit, usually about a metre tall. You could also use the tiles to make a unique and attractive wine rack.

Reusing clay tiles as pots

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Repurposing Roof Shingles

Roof shingles can be reused on the floor of your garage, to absorb oil stains. Another great use for roof shingles is to block out weeds in the garden. They can also be used for landscaping or making garden pathways. 


Repurposing Slate Tiles

Slate tiles can be repurposed with chalk into blackboards to use as shopping lists, garden signs, message boards and so on. Slate tiles could also be cut down and used as placemats or coasters at the dinner table. If you feel creative, you could even try painting on the slate and turning it into an artwork. 

There’s many more ways to repurpose old roofing materials, so get creative. 


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