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Replacing Your Metal Roof in Brisbane

There comes a time when metal roofs have reached the end of their life and need a full replacement. Extensive rust, large holes and leaks, metal panels detaching from your roof structure - these are the signs that you need a metal roof replacement.

To find out just how important metal roof replacement is, here are no less than 5 reasons you need to seriously consider having your metal roof replaced:

Prevent further damage, whether you see it or not

Not everybody catches the signs of damage immediately, sometimes it is left until the damage has worsened to the point where the roof needs to be replaced right away to avoid damaging the whole house. That’s because the damage isn’t always sustained where it can be seen easily.

Take rust. Some part of the roof where rust can form easily are inside vents and seams and under the ridge caps. So even if your metal roof looks okay on the outside, always check it thoroughly for hidden damage to ensure the rust doesn't spread and affect the integrity of your roof structure.

Replace substandard roof coating

Since rust can be an issue for metal roofs, a protective coating is applied to metal roofs to make them last longer. After long exposure to the elements, this can get stripped off and the roof is at great risk of rusting. So make sure your metal roof’s protective coating is high quality and can’t be removed easily.

Examples of metal roof protective coatings are acrylic and silicone. Compared to acrylic, silicone is more resistant to water and better at withstanding rain over a long period of time.

If your metal roof’s protective coating is less than ideal, have it replaced to enjoy the benefits of having a truly high quality metal roof. If you aren’t sure, have it checked by a trusted local roof replacement specialist.

Keep your home comfortable even when it gets hot out

Aside from being able to create a membrane that’s impenetrable to water, silicone-based metal roof protective coating is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, as well as great at retaining a cool temperature and minimising heat transfer. A metal roof with this kind of protective coating is sure to have a high R-value.

In construction, R-value is a measure of the thermal resistance of a barrier, like a wall, ceiling, window, layer of insulation or roof. In other words, it’s a measure of how well a barrier resists conductive flow of heat.

A metal roof with a silicone-based protective coating and high R-value will be a great help in keeping your home cool during Australia’s scorching but potentially wet summers.

Make your home more environment-friendly

While all roof coatings are meant to protect not only roofs but also those living under them from the elements, some can be harmful to the environment.

To make sure it’s environment-friendly, a metal roof’s protective coating needs to be free from or have very low volatile organic content (VOC), which emit strong, potentially harmful odors during application.

If your metal roof’s protective coating has very high VOC, have it replaced to reduce your home’s environmental impact. If you’re not sure, have it checked by a professional.

Make your home more modern

Metal roofs can last a surprisingly long time. If yours is made of aluminum or steel shingles, it can last up to 50 years. If it’s made of copper or zinc, it can last twice as long. If your metal roof is decades old, while it may still be intact, its design may no longer suit your more modern tastes.

Good thing there are many different metal roofs you can replace yours with. One example is a roof made of COLORBOND® steel. Not only is it guaranteed to be sturdy and able to help keep your home cool, COLORBOND® comes in a wide range of colours that can suit any home or building for that matter.



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