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How to Possum-Proof Your Roof (2023)

Beautiful, big eyes stare at you and you can’t help but melt a little. But at the same time, you’re really tired. Exhausted might even be a more apt description. You’ve been up for the past few nights listening to the scurrying around in your roof and those eyes are exactly the source - can you guess what we’re talking about? Yep, possums.

In this post, we share some ways to stop possum from living in your roof without hurting them (remember they are a protected species). Preventing pests from living in your roof will help to ensure your roof lasts for years to come. 


Possums are found all over Australia. The brushtail possums are the most common. Often you’ll find them living in roof cavities or under floorboards in raised houses. Sleeping through the day and scampering around during the night. If your home has any openings into roof cavities it is highly likely a possum will let itself in, creating a lot of noise and an ongoing problem for you and your family.

But by taking just a few simple steps these possums can be rendered harmless and can actually become a welcome sight. Before implementing some of these ideas, it is important to possum proof your house. Seal off any entry points into your home or even provide a nest for them in a tree nearby, so they will keep away from your home.

Prune nearby tree branches

If you’ve seen possums on the roof, then there’s sure to be a nearby tree that helped them get up there. Survey your backyard and see if you can identify points of entry (trees) that enabled the possum to get on or in your roof. Then trim any branches near the sides of your home, leaving a gap of 1.5 metres between the tree and your home. Also, make sure to avoid planting any climbing plants around your home to make sure the possums don’t find another way of getting onto your roof.

Make trees hard to climb

Sometimes branches aren’t your only problem, what about trees nearby that you can’t get rid of? Here’s another idea that can stop possums from climbing a tree trunk to reach your roof - install aluminium or plastic tree guards that wrap around a tree trunk. Make sure to install the tree guard at least two metres above the ground so that the possum can’t climb anything the access the tree’s trunk above the guard.

Use possum repellents

Another quick and easy fix is to use a roof-safe possum repellent. Quassia Chips are an effective ingredient, when boiled and then sprayed on the roof, it taste bitter and deters possums.

Install spotlights

Install some around your home, they could be aimed onto trees where possums tend to user, possums do not like bright light so this can most certainly be used as a deterrent.


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