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Securing Your Home for Summer Storms

evening-stormSummer storms in Queensland can deal a heavy blow to homes around the state.

From strong winds to hail stones as big as golf balls, the likeilhood of homes taking damage is high during a Queensland summer. In today's article, we look at what you should do to have your homes secure and ready to deal with the potential harsh summer storms.


Ensure your roof is in good condition

During storm season, the extreme conditions - be it heavy rain, strong winds, hail, etc. - can place a lot of strain on your roof. If you roof happens to have any current sustained damage (visible or otherwise), this has the potential of compromising its overall structural integrity. When mixed with extreme weather conditions, your roof could sustain more damage, form more cracks and leaks, lose tiles / metal sheets, or more.

If you suspect your roof may have a certain level of damage or could be in need of repairs, make sure you have this addressed before storm season gets into full swing.


Remove debris

In calm conditions, debris is often nothing more than an eyesore and slight tripping hazard. When storms come into the mix, however, this debris can turn into something far more dangerous. Whether it’s debris in your front and backyard or the leaves and twigs that build up in your gutter, take some time to dispose of this debris. If you don’t, such debris could turn into physical hazards or, in the terms of twigs and leaves, place additional pressure and damage on both your roof and gutters.

Along with debris, don’t forget to secure items that you have in your garden, such as benches, tables, garden decorations, etc.


Address structural issues

Are there any sections of your home that have some type of structural issue, be it a small leak or weakened foundations? You’ll want to address these points of structural compromise before summer storms come. Much like a roof that may have some level of damage, a structural issue, no matter how small, can become far larger and more disastrous when a severe storm is underway.


Check all exterior doors

Out of all the doors to your home you’ll want to be at their sturdiest during a storm, exterior doors will certainly sit at the top of the list. Any door which opens to the outside needs to be in good condition. Check each one, make sure they’re properly hinged and that the doors themselves are still in ideal condition.

If any of your exterior doors have gaps at the bottom where water from rainfall could get in, make sure you have rags or sheets on hand to place at the base of the door if rain does pick up and starts seeping inside.


Are your windows in top condition?

In the past, when hurricanes or strong winds ravaged areas, there was a common belief that taping your windows could help secure them and prevent them from shattering. However, this is mostly a misguided perception and, as a result, people are being encouraged to no longer use this method. The best step you can take to ensure your windows are protected during a storm is to have windows that are in optimal condition. If any of your windows have cracks or are clearly damaged, consider having them repaired or replaced, dependent on the amount of damage.


Be wary of power lines

If you live in an area where power lines still hang overhead instead of being fed underground, take the time to note where these power lines are. In the event of a storm, power lines could be knocked down. In conditions where visibility is minimised it’s worth having a mental blueprint of where fallen power lines could be so that you and your loved ones do not end up being electrocuted, which can have a wide range of severe outcomes - including death.


If you believe your roof may be in need of repairs before the storm season starts, give Roo Roofing a call on 1300 734 148.