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Metal Vs Tile Roof (2018 Update)

We’ve tackled this issue before but it seems there is an unending discussion on whether tiles or metal roofs are better for a home. So, in this post, we revisit the discussion and see if some of the latest advancements in roofing might change your mind.

The General Consensus

Over the past few years, many homeowners claim that metal roofs win out in terms of versatility but tiles win when it comes to lifespan, heritage appeal and sound insulation. Lightweight metals are much better for architectural designs as they can curve.

One major problem people find with tile roofs is the weight difference - a terracotta roof can weigh up to 60kg per square metre, as opposed to metal roofs, which can weight approx. 5kg per square metre.

Tile roofs are the 'traditional' roofing choice

Terracotta and Concrete roof tiles have been around for centuries, so there is no doubt they will stand the test of time. You can choose from a range of blends that provide multiple colour options. Tiles provides the flexibility to change the colour scheme, accents or texture of a structure, transforming the entire exterior. However, homeowners need to be smarter and make wiser choices regarding their homes. Not only is recycling and living green on many minds but consumers demand the best product at the best price.

Metal Roofing’s Rebuttle

One major concern with metal roofing is its ability, or lack of,  to insulate sound. However, with advancements in metal roofing designs and technology (such as improved coating), and with help from general insulation underneath, this is no longer a big issue.

The next concern would be design. Metal roofs do have their limitations, however newer metal roofs offer various textures and finishes to offset the industrial, flat appearance that they’re known for. Metal roofs can now mimic other roofing materials such as wood and tiles.

In terms of homes in Australia, many are located in bushfire prone areas. Tiles don’t offer a complete seal between them, so metal roofs are often the preferred option in these areas. 

Metal roofs are very durable adding to the life of the roof. Certain metal choices will allow the roof to withstand wind gusts up to 225/kmph. Metal roofing won’t corrode or crack and needs only periodic inspections. If the metal roof needs repairs, it is still durable enough to walk on and inspect. A tile roof is not the same. Tiles can be broken easily and may need professional roofers to maintain.

So, as you can see, metal roofs are durable, fire retardant, and require little maintenance. The popularity of metal roofing has grown over the past decade and we see it only getting more popular.

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