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How To Make Your Tile Roof Last Through The Years

Tile roofing is one of the best quality roofing materials and a great choice for hot regions or areas with salt air. Quality slate tile roofs can last over 100 years, but only if you look after them...

So, what’s involved in maintaining a tile roof so it lasts through the years?

This article explains... 


Cleaning: Regular cleaning will uncover small issues before they become problems. A professional roof cleaner has all the correct safety and cleaning equipment to do the job, but if you’re keen to do it here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ladder
  • Cleaning chemicals such as sodium hydroxide based products or chlorine and water solution
  • A timber board with a soft foam layer underneath. This is placed over the tiles and used to distribute your weight so not to break any of the fragile tiles.
  • The use of a pressure hose is seen as essential by some, but it is to be used with care. Seek professional advice and ensure an appropriate nozzle is used. Direct the flow of water with the lay of the tiles to avoid water getting under the tiles.
  • Ensure your safety. Always put your safety above anything else when it comes to working on a roof. If your roof is high, it’s best to hire a professional roof cleaner.
  • Tile sealant and paint to repaint tiles once they have been cleaned. The cleaning process can cause the coating to peel away.


Repair cracked and broken tiles: Tiles can be cracked by fallen branches or sealant can decay over the years leading to leaks.


Repairing or replacing these damaged tiles as quickly as possible will prevent damage to the secondary layer of water protection under the tiles and avoid costly repairs. This can be tricky work, so it’s recommended you use a professional roof company to carry out tile roof repairs.


Inspect regularly: Every year, it’s important to inspect your roof and check for signs of damage. Even something small can become a serious issue when a storm hits. Any damage to your roof can quickly become hazardous and jeopardise the integrity of your home.


Trim trees: Cutting tree branches away from your home is a wise move. IT not only reduces the risk of damage from fallen or scrapping branches, but it also makes it difficult for animals to take up residency in your roof.


Maintaining your tile roof can avoid problems that lead to severe issues, such as ‘roof leaks’. Regular roof inspections, cleaning and repairs ensure a longer life and prolong or completely avoid the need for tile roof restoration.


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