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How To Decorate Your Roof For Halloween

Every year we see more and more houses and their roofs being decorated for Halloween festivities in Australia. The holiday continues to grow in popularity, so why not join in the fun? In this post, we share some great decoration tips for this years Halloween.

Giant Spiders

This decoration not only works for your roof but also across your entire house. Adding lightweight spiders along the facade and entrance-way will create a spooky and creepy-crawly atmosphere. You can find plastic spiders everywhere this time of year, or you can use black rubbish bags tied up as a spider body and legs. Then to add to the theme, hang cobwebs with the spiders using cotton wool or old white sheets ripped up to create a web/net effect.



Halloween Garland

Another fun idea is hanging a Halloween garland (or banner) from your roof. These garlands can be anything from paper cutouts of ghouls or pumpkins, tinsel, orange foliage, the list goes on. Just make sure its made of lightweight materials so it doesn't damage your roof or eves, and make sure it's secured properly so it doesn't blow away.


Hanging Bats from the Roofline

You can purchase plastic bats or cut out paper bat shapes to create creepy decorations to hang from your roofline. Again, try to create them with lightweight materials but secure them properly. You can also place different sized pumpkins on the floor of your balcony or at your front entrance to truly stir & spook-ify the atmosphere.


Skeletons on the Roof

Skeletons may be more of an expense, but they are a great addition to your Halloween decoration. You can easily find them online or at specialty Halloween stores.

You can get creative and change the position of the skeletons almost everyday. Have fun with it and tell a story; how will they escape your home or worse, enter your home?


Tip: Take your time setting them up to avoid any damage to your home, if decorations come with clips try to use them, don’t use nails, which can create holes and eventually, roof leaks.


Halloween Lights 

Your Christmas lights can be put to use in other times of the year, like Halloween! Think about setting them up in different ways (like patterns or clusters), put them inside pumpkins, stick them to floating bats or run them around your roof.


Tip: Make sure you don't install decorations or props on your roof alone. Always have someone to assist and spot you, just in case something goes awry.


Want some more ideas? Check out this board on Pinterest for some great Halloween decoration tips.



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