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Everything You Need To Know Before Your Roof Replacement

Your roof stands between the exterior world and your valuable interior contents, serving as a barrier against rain, wind, hail, and debris.


Over time, extreme weather and everyday wear and tear deteriorate a roof's quality; leaks, mold and other problems will occur. Roof repairs and restoration may be possible, but eventually roof replacement is required.


If you’re thinking it’s time for a new roof, this article has everything you need to know before your roof replacement.


Shop Around

Since roof replacement only occurs every few decades choosing a trustworthy, reliable, qualified and licensed roofing company is critical. Here’s how to choose wisely:

  • Get references from neighbours, friends and other tradespeople you trust.
  • Obtain at least three quotes and check the warranty 
  • Ask for to see testimonials or references before choosing
  • Only consider companies with current roofing licenses and verify it at this point.


Focus On Quality

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. A roof replacement is a huge investment and should provide long-lasting results. So it’s worth investing in quality materials and quality roofers.


Roof Removal


It’s generally best to have the old roof removed rather than having new roofing material placed over it. This will expose any timber roofing structure that needs attention. Specifically ask the following questions:

  • Do you look for wood rot and structural issues?
  • How do you get rid of the old roof?
  • How do you clean up old roofing nails that may end up in my yard?


Read The Paperwork

Don’t sign any paperwork until you read and understand it. Check that it details specifics about materials, inclusions, costs and warranty. Ask about anything that does not seem correct.


Things Will Be Loud

Replacing a roof is loud. Here’s how to be prepared: 

  • Think about who and what it will impact (animals may need to be moved)
  • Inform neighbours or employees about the noise before the project begins so they can plan
  • Make plans to be away from the premises if possible during this time


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