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Does Insurance Cover A Leaking Roof? [2023 Update]

Not all roof leaks were created equal in home insurance. Whether you’re researching what you can claim just in case, or you actually have a leaking roof, knowing where you stand in regard to your home insurance is important.

Here we explain if home insurance will cover a leaking roof and associated issues. Not every roof leak will be covered by home insurance, the decision comes down to the reasons the leak occurred. 

You should be covered when the leak was accidental such as:

  • Falling tree branch
  • Storm related debris
  • An act of God

You won’t be covered if the roof is leaking due to lack of maintenance such as:

  • Rusted roof nails or sheeting
  • Lifted or loose roof sheeting or tiles
  • Rusted areas due to blocked gutters  

An insurance assessor will inspect your roof and determine if the leak was caused by an accident or due to inadequate roof maintenance. If they discover a poorly maintained roof, your premiums could increase.

If your claim is approved, any subsequent water damage to your house and contents will be also covered.


What does your insurance cover?

Getting your roof repaired

For successful claims, home insurance will usually pay for repairing the damaged roof. 

Your policy will include a cost limit for repairs and some will state the roof will be repaired to the same standard as the original. Check your policy for exact details.

General roof maintenance

Regular maintenance will avoid problems that could lead to a leaking roof. And as mentioned, home insurance will not cover leaks caused by inadequate maintenance; this includes wear and tear due to the age of the roof. 

Roof maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning your roof; clearing blocked gutters and flashings, removing leaves and debris
  • Repairing cracks, holes and rusted areas

So now you know if home insurance covers leaking roofs. You know that if your roof leak is due to circumstances out of your control, such as damage from storm debris, your claim will be approved. But it’s best to avoid claiming for damage caused by wear and tear or poor roof maintenance, as these will likely be rejected. 


Is your roof leaking?

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